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Pahang-Delights Babbler , Issue #012 -- University Malaysia Pahang
February 06, 2007
Pahang-Delights Babbler, Issue #012 – What’s new! February 5, 2007

Adventures and Pleasures in the state of Pahang, Malaysia

Pahang-Delights Babbler brings you the latest additions to the adventures, pleasures, cultures and delights you can find in Pahang.

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Issue #012 – February 5, 2007

Welcome to the 12th issue of the Pahang-Delights Babbler.

I’ll try to shorten the babble where I can. But there’s too much delights, and so here goes...

Contents: -

  1. First Tourists Arrival in Pahang for VMY 2007
  2. Batu Talam By-Election Results
  3. University Malaysia Pahang
  4. Le'Tour de Langkawi in Pahang
  5. Monsoon Madness at Balok Beach
  6. New Pahang-Delights web-pages

1) First Tourists Arrival in Pahang

Well, Pahang had a good start to its Visit Malaysia Year 2007 itinerary when 1,123 tourists from Australia and several European countries including Britain, arrived and disembarked at Kuantan Port on a cruise ship from the P & O liner Artimes Maiden, on the 17th January, 2007.

Looking excited, they were all anxiously looking forward to experiencing the delights of the beaches, islands, lakes, nature, and wild-life parks and reserves, and of course the fascinating cultures inherent in Pahang.

So, a warm welcome to all tourists and visitors, and enjoy Pahang.

2) Batu Talam By-Election Results

Encik Abdul Aziz Kiram of the Barisan Nasional won the Batu Talam state constituency by-election, held on the 28 January 2007.

He polled 6,276 votes against 419 votes obtained by the independent candidate, Ng Chee Pang, who therefore lost his deposit.

A total of 7,080 out of 10,525 registered voters or 67.32% turned to cast their ballots.

The by-election was held following the death of the state assemblyman, Tengku Paris Tengku Razlan, on December 27, 2006 of cancer.

3) University Malaysia Pahang ("UMP")

Well, at last Pahang has its own local-bred university when Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan & Teknologi Malaysia or KUKTEM, was renamed and accorded full university status by the Higher Education Ministry on the 1st February 2007.

Being a university specialising in engineering and technical courses, UMP has plans to move aggressively into industrial research.

Next year UMP will re-locate to its new campus, now under construction, at Kuala Pahang, Pekan. Currently UMP has more than 4,000 students, and once completed, the new campus can accommodate 20,000 students.

The present UMP campus is temporarily located at Gambang, occupying the industrial complex premises of the closed down MEC electronics company.

Just for information, UMP is the first university in Asia Pacific to provide wireless internet access for students, with almost all area in the Gambang campus having wi-fi coverage.

And oh, yes, the Vice-Chancellor of UMP is the renowned Professor Datuk Dr. Mohamed Said Mat Lela.

4) Le Tour de Langkawi (Cycling Championship)

The 12th Edition of the Tour of Langkawi championships started on Feb 2, 2007. About 120 renowned cyclists from all over the world is taking part in this world-class cycling championship.

On Feb 4, 2007 it reached Stage Three of the Tour, starting out from Kuala Kangsar, Perak, and finishing the ride up to Cameron Highlands, Pahang, for a distance of 133 km.

In the end, it was Credit Agricole's Anthony Charteau who won the Stage 3, and became the first Frenchman to wrest the yellow jersey in the Tour of Langkawi.

Click here and see this website for more details and results of the Tour de Langkawi

Those in Pahang do watch out especially for Stage 7 - Kuantan to Karak (170 km) on 8th February 2007, and Stage 8 - Proton, Shah Alam to Genting Highlands (84 km) on 9th February 2007.

5) Monsoon Madness

Well, the monsoon season in Pahang is also a great way for keen board surfers and kite-surfers to show off their skills.

In fact Pahang's first program for the Visit Malaysia Year (VMY 2007) -- the International Monsoon Madness at the famed Balok beach -- saw 60 participants from 13 countries taking part in the events.

The competition, held from 18th to 20th January 2007, was divided into five categories - Open, Malaysian, Masters, Ladies and Kitesurfing, and was opened by the Youths and Sports Minister, Datuk Azalina Othman.

Eventually, the Open category was won by Jesper Orth from Denmark, second placing went to Poland's Pawel Hlavaty, while Dan Ellis from England took home the third prize.

In the Malaysian category, Yeap Leong Soon came out first, with Leo Leow and Kenny Heng the second and third place winners, respectively.

The Master category was won by Japanese Masato Ogawa, with Yeap Leong Soon in second place, while Yasuyuki Onoguchi came in third.

Yuni Trisnowati of Indonesia was the champion in the Ladies category with Rachel Charis Ng from Singapore in second place.

And the kitesurfing event saw two Thais, Narapichit Pudla and Phaetratsu Phanuwat grabbing first and second placing, while Singaporean Aoron Yang came out third.

Over-all, the winners received a total of US$8,100 (RM29,970) in cash.


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6) Well, to those who haven't visited for some time, the new Pahang-Delights web pages are as follows: -

#1) Kuantan Shopping Centers

A brief description of the shopping centers and malls found in Kuantan.

#2) Fruits of Pahang

Having an equatorial climate conducive to all kinds of fruits, Pahang is inundated with delicious and exotic fruits of all kinds.

#3) Durians of Pahang

The durian is of course the King of Fruits in Malaysia, and the durians found in Pahang are very popular and are the favorites of Malaysian durian-lovers.

#4) Maal Hijrah in Pahang

Maal Hijrah is connected to Awal Muharram, the first day of the new year for Muslims. Various events are organised in Pahang to mark the advent of the Muslim new year. The 10th day of Muharram is also a special day when communities join efforts in cooking the savory Bubur Ashura for distribution to the poor and vagrants.

#5) Herbal Plants of Pahang

With extensive coverage of rainforests, Pahang naturally is endowed with herbal plants of all kinds.

They are used to treat and alleviate a variety of ailments and diseases, as well as for beautification purposes.

#6) The Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge

This annual eco-friendly fishing affair held off the sea of Rompin town increasingly attracts keen rod-and-tackle sailfish fishing enthusiasts from all over the world.

Well, the month of January 2007 in Pahang was initially a combination of the typical monsoon weather of cloudy and rainy days, with floods even at Batu Talam, Jerantut in the first week of by-election campaigns.

The affected flood victims were helped through monetary, food and other assistance by the government to tide over their hardships. Also some non-governmental organisations, companies and kind-hearted individuals chipped in, giving valuable help in times of need.

There were initial fears that the rains in the interior would lead to floods to towns and areas downstream. But by the end of the month, by the grace of God, the sun started shining again (and birds were twitting away in delights!).

All villagers hit by the floods have now returned home, and normal days are back again in Pahang. All thanks to God.

So until next time, from me...

Terima kasih (thank you) and ... Selamat Datang (Welcome) to Pahang.

From : Mohd Yamin

P.S. -- Don't forget to check what's on in March 2007 in Pahang during this Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Check on the VMY 2007 events in Pahang here

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