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Pahang-Delights Babbler , Issue #004 -- Hari Hol
June 02, 2006
Pahang-Delights Babbler, Issue #004 – What’s new! June 2, 2006

Adventures and Pleasures in the state of Pahang, Malaysia

Pahang-Delights Babbler brings you the latest additions to the adventures, pleasures, cultures and delights you can find in Pahang.

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Issue #004 – June 2, 2006

Welcome to the 4th issue of the Pahang-Delights Babbler.

I’ll try to shorten the babble where I can. But there’s too much delights, so here goes...

Contents: -

1) Hari Hol
2) Tenun Pahang Diraja
3) Golf Academy
4) Pahang Soccer - the 2006 FA Cup
5) New webpages in May 2006

1) Hari Hol

Hari Hol in Pahang for this year fell on the 7th of May 2006, and is a public holiday for the whole of the state of Pahang. Hari Hol is a day when the citizens of the state remember the glorious past, and pay tribute or gratitude to the past Sultans and royalties of the state.

On that day special age-old ceremonies are carried out by palace officials and royalties at the graves or mausoleums of the past Sultans. This tradition or practice dates back to decades ago. It is also practised by a few other states in Malaysia, like Johor.

2) Tenun Pahang Diraja

The famous woven silk cloth of Pahang was conferred "royal" status on the 8th May 2006 by the Tengku Mahkota Pahang. From thence onward, it will be known as "Tenun Pahang Diraja" or Royal Pahang Woven Silk". Read the story of Tenun Pahang Diraja here.

4) Golf Academy

It was reported in the newspapers that the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak said that a golf academy would be set up at the Pantai Lagenda Golf and Country Club to produce professional golfers of international standard. The Club would be turned into an academy to benefit amateurs.

Further upgrade of the infrastructure such as increasing the area of the driving range would be needed.

Well, everyone is looking forward to the realisation of this plan as Pahang and indeed Malaysia, need to produce top caliber professional golfers and of international standing like our neighbours Thailand and the Phillippines. Read here on Pahang Golf and Pantai Lagenda Golf and Country Club.

5) Pahang Soccer

Well, at last. Pahang won the FA Cup for the first time in its soccer history. Pahang had previously made to the final only once before.

In the FA Cup final in front of a 45,000 crowd held at the National Stadium at Bukit Jalil on the 20th of May 2006, Pahang beat Perlis 4-2 on penalties. It was a hard fought match, actually. Both teams were tied 0-0 even after an extra-time of 30 minutes were played.

So, congratulations to the Pahang soccer team and hopefully it will successfully defend the FA Cup next year.

4) The new web pages for the month of May 2006 are as follows: -

#1) Fiesta Media Idola. Read all about this exciting event which was participated by Malaysia's top entertainers

#2) The Annual Pahang River International Rafting Expedition. Read here on the fascinating 3-day adventure on rafts down the Pahang River

#3) Pahang Batik. A brief take on the batik industry in Pahang. Click here

#4) Exclusive Gifts From Malaysia. This page is about fine and beautifully crafted pewter made by Royal Selangor. Read here

#5) Father's Day in Pahang. It's a day to celebrate and appreciate the Dads and Grand-dads of the world. And Pahang-Delights joins in the fun by recommending special gifts for all fathers. More story here


Well, the weather in the whole of Pahang in May 2006 was also generally fine, although there were some days of heavy rain.

Ahh... but the weather’s so unpredictable nowadays... what with global warming and human destruction of the environment...

Well, life’s like that. But let’s preserve the natural environment for our future generations.

So until next month, from me...

Terima kasih (thank you) and ... Selamat Datang (welcome)

From : Mohd Yamin

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