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Pahang-Delights Babbler , Issue #005 -- Fraser's Hill Annual Bird Race
July 02, 2006
Pahang-Delights Babbler, Issue #005 – What’s new! July 3 2006

Adventures and Pleasures in the state of Pahang, Malaysia

Pahang-Delights Babbler brings you the latest additions to the adventures, pleasures, cultures and delights you can find in Pahang.

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Issue #005 – July 3, 2006

Welcome to the 5th issue of the Pahang-Delights Babbler.

I’ll try to shorten the babble where I can. But there’s too much delights, and so here goes...

Contents: -

  1. Fraser's Hill Annual Bird Race
  2. Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge 2006
  3. Pahang Soccer
  4. New pahang-delights webpages in June 2006

1) Fraser's Hill Annual Bird Race

The Fraser's Hill Annual Bird Race was held on the 24th - 25th June 2006. Ahh, don't get it wrong -- this is no racing of birds for gambling or betting purposes. This is a race by humans (a special breed of nature lovers called "bird-watchers") to identify the most number of birds and species found at Fraser's Hill.

In all there were 150 participants with 3 foreigners and they were divided into 50 teams. Well, participants were lower this year because of the FIFA (soccer) World Cup. Similar lower participation happened in 2002 when it also coincided with the FIFA World Cup.

Of course it's fun and exciting to the avid birdwatchers who took part. (And perhaps the birds too were probably happy that humans acknowledge and recorded their existence.)

Well, birds are interesting not only for their diversity of colors, sizes and looks, but also for their singing and tweeting varieties. By the way, Tioman Island was named after the tiong (mynah) bird, right? And there are villages, streams, etc. (and humans, too) named after birds.

Birds are part of nature and our environment (and they are cute, too). So we humans should do everything to protect and preserve their environment. If anything, just don't kill them.

P.S. -- I will try to put a web page on this popular annual event soon.

2) Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge 2006

Well, here comes the ultimate annual challenge always awaited for by fishing enthusiasts -- local as well as foreign. The popular RPBIC 2006 will be held at Rompin, Pahang from 04th - 07th August, 2006 (Competition on 5-6th August). Prize monies amount to RM54,500 for the winners of the team and individual categories. The closing date for participation is 7th July 2006. So register fast.

A beach category for coastal fishing will also be held on the 6th August, in conjunction with the RPBIC 2006. Registration for this event will be opened from 4th August to 8.00 a.m. 6th August 2006.

For further details on the RPBIC 2006 call: 603-2282 2323 extension 4240/ 4241/4242 (Kamal or Umbai or Helmi), or e-mail to :

3) Pahang Soccer

Big relief! Pahang, the newly crowned FA Cup champions kept themselves qualified to be in the expanded Malaysian Super League after beating Sabah 4-3 on aggregate, during play-offs for the two last spots available. Pahang beat Sabah 3-2 in Kuantan on the 25th June 2006 and drew 1-1 at Likas Stadium, Sabah on 28th June 2006.

Why big relief? Well, Pahang had lost in the first round play-off with Brunei Darussalam. And so the team must win the second round play-offs to ensure they get into the last two spots available. Just for your information, Premier League team Johore took the other Super League spot when they beat PKNS Selangor.

4) The new web pages for the month of June 2006 are as follows: -

#1) Kuala Lipis - Past Capital of Pahang.

Read all about this quaint town in Pahang here

#2) Nasi Kebuli - the popular traditional rice dish of Kuala Lipis.

Read on the delicious mixed rice dish speciality of the village folks here. And I will insert more Pahang traditional food recipes and dishes in this website. So do check from time to time.

#3) Bukit Tinggi.

Take a stroll through the fascinating themed resort at Bukit Tinggi and enjoy your stay there.

#4) Puding Raja.

Read here on the special delicacy found in Pekan and in the towns and villages of Pahang.

P.S. -- Ms. Mas Anom of Pekan, Pahang sent a tip to change the "pisang mas" bananas in the recipe to "pisang lemak manis" ( a much smaller variety). And of course she's right. The dish tastes better with pisang lemak manis. Thanks so much Mas Anom.

The weather in Pahang during the month of June 2006 was also generally fine with hot days interspersed with occasional rain. Good time for jungle trekking and adventures. And taking in the sunshine.

Well, life’s like that ( my favorite phrase, it seems). Enjoy yourselves and never forget to preserve the natural environment for our future generations. So until next month, from me...

Terima kasih (thank you) and ... Selamat Datang (Welcome)

From : Mohd Yamin

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