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Pahang-Delights Babbler , Issue #002 -- Malaysian water festival month
April 05, 2006
Pahang-Delights Babbler, Issue #002 – What’s new! April 4, 2006

Adventures and Pleasures in the state of Pahang, Malaysia

Pahang-Delights Babbler brings you the latest additions to the adventures, pleasures, cultures and delights you can find in Pahang.

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Issue #002 – April 2, 2006

Welcome to the second issue of the Pahang-Delights Babbler.

I’ll try to shorten the babble where I can. But there’s too much delights, wow.. let's go on.

Contents: -

i) Bigfoot news update
ii) Annual Pahang River Rafting Expedition
iii) PKNP participation in Annual Government agencies Games
iv) Pahang weightlifter won the first gold for Malaysia at Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia
v) Pahang Soccer Team enters Quarterfinals of FAM Cup
vi) Kuantan is host for Malaysia’s national level 2006 Water Festival
vii) New webpages in March 2006

1) BIGFOOT (Mamasaurs) -- locally known as Hantu Jarang Gigi or "Fangled Tooth Devil"

Well, still in the news, and investigations have begun on these mamasaurs in the Johore part of the Endau-Rompin State Park, by a team appointed by the Johore state government.

A left footprint of the BIGFOOT had been cast in gypsum by members of the Seekers team and DNA tests were being conducted on the footprint. No reports as to date.

Hope that by the next issue of this e-zine, some good development would have been made to confirm the Bigfoots’ existence.

Meanwhile, there was an allegation in a weekly newspaper that in the Malaysian state of Selangor, quite near the heart of Kuala Lumpur itself, specifically in Bukit Damansara Damai, there were some species of Bigfoot in the forest area.

It was alleged that with the fast-paced development in the area, only a few species were still around there. While many pooh-poohed this report, detailed investigations were being made by the authorities on the allegation.


The annual River Rafting Expedition on the Pahang River was held early March 2006.

This time the River Rafting Expedition started from the river jetty at Temerloh and ended in Pekan.

This annual expedition serves to remind citizens on the vital need to preserve rivers as important natural resource on this earth. Ensuring cleanliness of river waters and also preservation of wildlife in the rivers are of infinite importance to humans.

I’ll try to chronicle this expedition in a web page in due course. So check this Web site from time to time.


On 16th March 2006, (the opening day of the weightlifting competition at the Melbourne Exhibition Center), Pahang-born Malaysian weightlifter, Mohamad Faisal Baharom, 24 years, won the gold medal in the 56kg division.

The 24 years old Kuala Rompin ( Pahang) lad retained the Commonwealth Games title for Malaysia with a total of 255kg. At the last Commonwealth Games 2002 in Manchester, Mohamad Faisal had won the bronze medal, while his Pahang-born colleague (also from Kuala Rompin), Amirul Hamizan Ibrahim, had won the gold for Malaysia.

Faisal now has his sights on the Asian Games in Doha in December 2006, and the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

So congratulations to Mohd. Faisal from His achievement will surely be strong motivation for other Pahang and Malaysian athletes to strive for excellence.


The Pahang State Development Corporation (PKNP) led by its Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Lias Md Nor, participated in the annual Government agencies and state development corporations Games held at the Historic City of Melaka from the 17th to 23rd March 2006.

The sportsmen and women of PKNP who stayed at the MITC Ancasa Hotel gave their best and made to the final rounds in a few events.

Well done anyway. will soon highlight in a web page some of the economic activities carried out by the Pahang State Development Corporation for the benefit of Pahang citizens.


On the 14th March 2006, the Pahang soccer (football) team beat Selangor 1-0 to enter the quarterfinals stage of the FA Cup.

In the quarterfinals, Pahang will meet Nibong Tebal FA (Penang) with the first leg scheduled on the 5th April, 2006 at Stadium Darul Makmur in Kuantan. The second leg (return match) will be held at Stadium Batu Kawan in Penang on the 19th April, 2006.

Well, onwards, to the mighty Pahang soccer team.


Kuantan was proudly appointed as the host for the launch of Malaysia’s national level 2006 Water Festival celebrations. The closing ceremonies at the end of April 2006 will be held at Labuan.

Taman Esplanade, at the Kuantan River in the middle of Kuantan, was the venue for the launch of the Malaysian 2006 National Water Festival Month on the 2nd of April 2006 (Sunday) at 9.00 pm.

His Majesty, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong of Malaysia, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Syed Putra Jamalullail, accompanied by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and the Sultan of Pahang, launched the memorable event.

Also present to grace the occasion were Her Majesty the Queen, Tuanku Fauziah Tengku Abdul Rashid, the Consort of Pahang, Sultanah Kalsom, the Tengku Mahkota (Crown Prince) of Pahang, Malaysian Cabinet Ministers, and foreign ambassadors. About 100 representatives from the foreign media were also specially brought in to provide coverage on the event.

Before the launch, and to celebrate the occasion, various water-based activities and festivities were held from the 30th March (Friday) till 2nd April 2006 (Sunday). In fact, more than RM56,000.00 were up for grabs as presents and gifts to winners of the various events.

Water sports and recreation programs and other festivities were located in three locations, namely, Teluk Chempedak, Taman Esplanade, Kuantan River and Padang MPK3 (Field). Among the events held at Taman Esplanade were the Perahu Panjang (traditional long boat) Race in the Kuantan River, fishing, kayak marathon, kayak sprint, coloring competition for children, cooking and “teh tarik” competitions, and entertainment by popular Malaysian artistes. Cultural performances were held on board a floating stage.

Padang MPK3 was the venue for a karaoke competition, top spinning demonstrations, cultural shows and entertainment by popular Malaysian artists and musicians.

At Teluk Chempedak, the festivities included sand-castle building competition , beach soccer, netball, climbing slippery poles, and entertainment by popular Malaysian live bands.

Entertainments for the three day celebrations were provided by popular Malaysian singers including Siti Norhaliza, Jamal Abdillah, Jacklyn Victor, Dato’ M. Daud Kilau, Jefrydin, Ezelyn and Farah AF, Sasi the Don, Kelvin Lau, and also popular comedians including Salleh Yaacob and Saiful Apek.

The main objective of the Malaysian 2006 National Water Festival, as explained by the Minister of Tourism Malaysia, is to develop and enhance awareness and promote sense of love of nature among the local communities by projecting local cultures that are based on water, as a tourism product.

7) The new Web pages for the month of March 2006 are as follows: -

#1) Woodball

Well, it’s a relatively new game in town but also increasing in popularity the world over. Woodball is said to be a cheaper version of the golf game, but nonetheless as exciting and enjoyable as golf.

And the good news received in February 2006 -- the team comprising of members of the Pahang Woodball Association (PWA) who represented Malaysia were the overall champions at the February 2006 Thailand Woodball Open Championship held in Chiang Mai.

Read all about it and on Pahang woodball courses in this webpage

#2) Golf Courses and Golf Clubs in Pahang

The state of Pahang has many international standard golf courses. Besides being challenging courses they are also scenic and breathtaking and suitable for all level of golfers.

Know where the main Pahang golf courses and golf clubs are - click here

#3) Thank You page

This page details how Pahang-delights got started and with the strong support given by surfers, it has shown tremendous success. Read here

#4) Contact Me page

This page is where surfers of Pahang-delights can contribute by sending their experience, tips or information and feedback. If interesting, the contributions will be included in this e-zine or turned into a webpage.

So contact me and write in your stories.

The weather in March 2006 was generally fine and sunny in Pahang, after the end of the rainy monsoon season.

And in April, it’s time to pick up your adventure gear and start exploring the thrills in Pahang. It’s a good time especially to visit and explore the more than 130 million years old rainforests in the state, including natural lakes and mountains.

Taman Negara, Kenong Rimba Park , Endau-Rompin State Park, the Kuala Krau Wildlife Reserve, and other nature reserves await the explorer and adventurer in you. (Read them all in the Website).

So start planning and then make the move. The flora and fauna of the state of Pahang are yours to observe and explore. And enjoy while you do.

So from me...

Terima kasih (thank you) and ...Selamat Datang (welcome).

From : Mohd Yamin

P.S. -- If you’re a Mom or a stay-at-home Mom, visit this webpage and read how some Moms make successful websites while minding their children.

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