Hi, valued surfers.

Finally a page, ah hem, about me.

But I won't divulge too much, otherwise it'll be egotistic, not to mention the hee-haws from the thieving minds out there who'll be smiling and clapping with glee the useful personal info they're getting.

So, how do I, look like?

Well... not too bad I think (self-praise is... alright). My dear wife did say I'm handsome, but that was years ago, and she's in the process of revising all her old views!

me and not the real Arnold Schwarzenagger at Madame Tussauds, London

Ah, that’s me (on the right, please) with THAT Terminator Guy. Of course he's not the real Arnold Schwarzenagger, otherwise I'd probably get zapped for putting my hands on his shoulder while he's flexing his muscles. (I was actually blessing him.)

Just an old pix at -- you guessed it -- Madame Tussauds in London. That was more than 2 decades ago, before THAT guy became Guv’nor. (Ah, see how my blessing works for him!)

And the look's different now (I'm talking about me, not THAT guy!).

My topview now has a "Big M" hairline in front, with shiny holes at the back. That's why you see me wearing my songkok (Malay headwear) in the family picture (below) taken at my in-laws home during an Aidil Fitri Festival. That's to keep off from unnecessary "McD" trademark infringement.

photo of me, wife, son and daughter, in traditional Malay costumes

By the way, every year the whole family wears a different theme color for the traditional dress worn for the festival - blue was for one year, then purple for the following year, the next year beige, green, light yellow and other attractive colors after that.

My dear wife, a graduate in accounting turned tailor/interior decorator (her passion) sets the theme -- she knows the colors of the spectrum better than I do!

Well, enough babble, and let's just talk about me and my website -- Pahang-Delights -- my great love and passion, (Oh, oh, my dear wife's glancing at me now) err, I mean, just my passion.

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me and outings now

Friends ask me, "Why write on Pahang?". Well, the reason is simple. I think I know Pahang deeply. And I’m really passionate about Pahang, the state I was born.

I want Pahang to be known internationally.

Pahang has a very colorful history, and there’s plenty to do and see in this largest state in peninsular Malaysia.

But then not many outsiders know where to go in Pahang, where the interesting places are, and where nature thrives and adventures abound.

So I take it as an honor, really, to show to the world the delights found in the state.


Well, I was born in the town of Temerloh, Pahang, (read about Temerloh here). After receiving my professional qualification, I worked for more than six years with the Pahang State Development Corporation in Kuantan.

While working there, I oversaw the construction of the modern international standard hotel in Kuantan, the Hyatt Regency Hotel fronting the popular beach at Teluk Chempedak (it was called Hyatt Kuantan way back in 1984).

I was also involved during the construction and development of the Club Mediterranee at Cherating, the first Club Med established in Asia. In fact I had the privilege of staying there when it was first opened, and thoroughly enjoyed the activities with guests from all over the world. (Club Med used beads for money then, and the rooms had no locks and television). 

self-portrait --me and my hat and camera during adventurous days

And I was also tasked with monitoring the biggest hotel at the time in Tioman, the exotic island named by TIME magazine in the 1970s as one of the 10 most beautiful in the world, with its crystal clear waters, a marine paradise and a gem of a site for scuba divers and fun seekers.

I have been into the jungles and rivers of Pahang, visited and explored Taman Negara (National Park) and other reserves and parks in my younger days.

And during those bachelor days you will find me, in my outing, always with my hat, camera and fishing rods (although I’ve never ever caught even one fish with the rods! -- the story’s in one of the web-pages.)

And so I made up my mind to write on those pleasurable journeys, exciting places and destinations. And, of course, not forgetting the unique and exquisite Malay culture, customs and traditions, and generally, of life in Pahang. 

And, being technically computer illiterate, I use a very simple and easy website creator and host, Site Build It! or "SBI!" in short.

All for the delights of my web surfers.

me at a cave in pahang

Well, enough chatter. Hope you know more about me, now.

And if you can't wait to have your own website to tell the world your special knowledge, passion or business idea, just order your Solo Build It! here.

And do make sure when your website's ready, don’t forget to do an "About Me" or "About Us" page too. Tell me about it -- I'd love to visit. People like to get to know more about other people in this world.

So, warmest regards from me.



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