Malay Baju Kurung Gallery

some pictures of baju kurung pahang

The Malay Baju Kurung gallery below will hopefully help those who don't yet know the Malay female traditional costume observe for themselves the various styles and patterns worn by the ladies of Pahang and Malaysia.

You'll definitely love the Malay baju kurung. 

Try it out when you're in Pahang. 

(P.S. - Click any of the photos to watch a slideshow of the images on this page)

Hopefully too this gallery will give some new ideas to those who wish to sew and make this Malay traditional dress themselves and to tailor it according to their own taste.

The Malay traditional dress for women -- the baju kurung -- is exquisite in that while the form (long sleeves and long shirt with sarong) may be the same, the design, fabrics pattern, worn together with suitable embroideries and accessories, can be suited to make it beautiful and charming to the wearer.

It is generally loose fitting, so it's comforting to wear, especially in the humid and hot climate. 

baju kurung pahang bottoms

Worn With Accessories

baju kurung pahang image

As the baju kurung can be worn in many ways, it is up to the wearer or person to make it attractive and stylish.

She can wear accessories, modern or traditional, to give added glow and warmth to the traditional costume.

It can be her head-dress, necklaces or the laced shawl or selendang that she puts on her shoulders or that covers her head.

So, whenever you attend a Malay traditional wedding, just observe the baju kurung worn by the bride, or the people who come to the wedding.

head-dress and accessories worn with baju kurung
attractive baju kurung pahang
collar style and accessories with baju kurung pahang

Don't forget to watch especially the following:-

  • the head-dress worn
  • the selendang (shawl) worn on the shoulders, around the neck or head
  • the traditional Malay ornaments around the neck, or long necklaces worn
  • the collar style, patterns and colors, and the matching buttons
  • the borders or laces and embroideries at the end of the sleeves and on the dress
  • length of the dress and the piping design and lace borders
  • the sarong design, pattern and color ( whether songket, tenun pahang silk, or ordinary sarong) worn with the dress.

baju kurung bottoms

Below are some samples of the various designs and colors of the Baju Kurung Pahang, the Malay female traditional dress or costume, worn in Pahang and Malaysia.

These images were mostly taken at the Festival Seni Cipta held in Kuantan, organised by KEMAS, which was graced by HH Tengku Puan Pahang.

See the different styles, patterns and accessories that make each dress charming and attractive.


colorful baju kurung pahang exhibit

Malay Baju Kurung Gallery

picture of light-blue baju kurung
baju kurung dress
picture of red baju kurung pahang
baju kurung in malaysia
picture of malay traditional dress
malay traditional costume
yellow dress baju kurung
white baju kurung
beautiful baju kurung sarong
baju kurung pahang
white baju kurung
yellowish baju kurung female malay costumes
yellow and purple baju kurung
Exquisite blue colored baju kurung pahang
beautiful malay baju kurung

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Loving the Malay Female Traditional Dress

sleeves of baju kurung pahang

Hopefully you've found this Baju Kurung gallery useful, and appreciate the simpleness and beauty of the Malay baju kurung.

I'm sure you'll love the Malay Baju Kurung! Try it out.

As more images will be added to this gallery from time to time, do check this page periodically.

As always, from me...


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