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This Directory of Banks in Pahang is specially set up for the convenience of visitors and travellers who wish to know where to find the nearest bank in the various towns in the state.

It contains the list of banking institutions operating in the state, their addresses and contact numbers.


The banks in Pahang provide a variety of services to meet not only the personal banking needs of individuals and families, but also of the business and commercial communities.

Some of the banking services provided by the banks are listed below.

However, the extent, spread or depth of the banking services available will generally depend on the location and the popularity or usefulness of the services at the particular location. 


The Headquarters and main branch for the banks in Pahang are normally located in Kuantan, the capital of Pahang.

Consequently, we will find that there is a wider spread of bank offerings and specialised financial facilities available at the banks in Kuantan.

In the smaller towns in the state, such as Temerloh and Kuala Lipis, mostly basic personal and business banking services and products are available and offered. 


In this Directory, you will find the locations and addresses of the banks below. It will be updated and revised from time to time.

For more information about the banking and financial facilities and services available, do check directly with the particular bank manager or relevant bank officer. 

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if there's no bank in this world...

Well, I hope you find the bank you want for whatever your banking needs in this Directory of Banks in Pahang. And so here's "Happy Banking" wish to you.

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Maybe no more money worries, for one thing.

Ahh.. interesting food for thought.

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