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Colors Of Malaysia 

No event other than the Citrawarna or "Colors of Malaysia" event, in my opinion, is more spectacular in terms of the wide variety and the vivid splash of colors displayed.

It is an annual event in the Malaysian domestic tourism calendar.

In the state of Pahang, the year's event was graced by the royal presence of YTM Tengku Puan Mahkota Pahang, Tunku Azizah Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah Sultan Iskandar.

preparations for Citrawarna eventThe stage being prepared for the seating of Royalties and VIPs to be ready for the event at night.
Tunku Azizah gracing the Citrawarna in PahangHer Highness The Tengku Puan Mahkota Pahang, Tunku Azizah, gracing the event.
Crowds enjoying the Citrawarna showSpectators watching and enjoying the variety of dances and performances. The show went on for more than two hours

And as expected, it was a truly memorable evening of dazzling colors and wonderful dances. The dances performed and costumes worn combined harmoniously with the back–up accompaniment of invigorating and mesmerizing traditional and popular music of the main races in Pahang.

parade of colorful hatsThere were all kinds of colorful hats, beautifully decorated and worn by charming ladies.
floral hats at Citrawarna PahangSome of the floral hats of various colors worn by the participants at Citrawarna Pahang

The Citrawarna event held in Pahang is in fact a mini display of the vivid spectrum of colors making up the traditional costumes, cultures and everyday life of the Malays, Chinese, Indians and the Orang Asli of Pahang.

It show-cased the unity and peaceful co-existence of the multitude of races in Pahang and Malaysia, harmoniously blended in culture, and bound by the virtues of freedom, self-restraint and common understanding.

mix of young and adults at Citrawarna PahangYoung school-children were with their elder college and university students, and dance troupes to give wonderful traditional dance performances.
orang asli dance group resting after displayThe Orang Asli (aborigines) of Pahang also gave a scintillating display of their traditional dances.
chinese fan dance display at Citrawarna PahangChinese traditional dances, like the fan dance, were also performed, adding joy to the occasion.

This event was launched and held at Jalan Kemunting, in the middle of Kuantan, the capital of Pahang.

The main road was closed during the daytime for the preparations, and of course also during the night for the grand occasion.

Just like most spectacular launches, it started with a bang, with lively traditional music and songs provided by local singers and the small band of traditional musicians and back-up singers.

A school band too gave a musical display to the delight of the crowd, which I’m sure included the joyful parents, friends and siblings of the school-children themselves.

joyful dance displays at Citrawarna PahangSpectators watching with awe and delight the spectacular and dazzling displays.
exciting indian danceIndian dance groups gave some interesting displays of energetic and classical Indian dances.

While the dances thrilled the crowd, the floral hats and gaily decorated headwears, combined with the vibrant colors of the traditional costumes of all races in the country, made for a really memorable, glittering and dazzling night in Kuantan.

Woven baskets of colorful local flowers, plants and stalks, carried by the performers, completed the scenario exhibiting the wonderful spread of the Colors of Malaysia.

Malay, Chinese, Indian and Orang Asli dance troupes performed a variety of traditional dances, much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

The dancers and performers are made up of young school-children, college and university students, and established cultural dancer groups like those from Taman Budaya Pahang.

So what if there were one or two dance mis-steps by the young kids ... they’re easily overlooked or forgiven, because Citrawarna is really about having fun, excitement and enjoyment.

capturing delightful moments after the showAfter the performances, happy memories to be captured of the joys in life, surely to be shared with friends later.
resting after the energetic and delightful displaysThough tired after the performances, the participants were happy for the wonderful and joyful experience.
spectators keenly watching the Citrawarna Pahang showSpectators watch keenly as dancers perform their dazzling dance displays. A truly enjoyable and memorable evening.

The energetic performances by the dancers and participants, coupled with the sheer fun and joy depicted in their smiling faces while they danced in tune with the traditional melodies and music, were surely a night to remember for spectators and tourists who were there to watch the event.

Parents and siblings, friends and relatives, young and old, surely have enjoyed the show and were proud of the performers.

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Malay dance at Citrawarna show

The Citrawarna event in Pahang may not be as big an occasion as the one held at the national level, but it was nonetheless spectacular, joyful and fun.

I'd say that the event held in Pahang had truly depicted the glittering extravaganza and cultural spread making up the vibrant Colors of Malaysia.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos on this page. But mostly I’d want you to remember to come and watch this spectacular event next year, and every year.

As always, from me ...


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