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The Malaysian state of Pahang is full of adventures, cultures and pleasures. And (delights of all delights to everyone), they are never ending!

So with genuine pleasure and respect, I welcome your feedback and contributions, whether in the form of information, tips, joyful experiences, favorites (whether location, restaurant, shop, getaway spot, anything), or secret escapades only you know.

Perhaps, you may have been to one of the wonderful locations described in this website, like Tioman Island, Taman Negara, Lake Bera, Cameron Highlands, the beautiful beaches or perhaps any of the quaint towns and villages (kampung), rivers and mountains in the state.

And that while in those exciting places, or in your trip or during explorations, you found or saw something interesting and extraordinary – maybe a secret cave full of bats, or a 130 million year old fossil, a beautiful rainbow-colored bird or caught a glimpse of the Endau-Rompin "Bigfoot" trudging in the forest. 

Or just maybe you had a finger-licking unusual dish at a quaint eating shop, far out in the rural kampung. Or you had a friendly guide, who likes to sing the song "A Hundred Million Smiles" that won the late popular Pahang-born singer Sudirman Arshad the best Asian entertainer award at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Or perhaps you’ve attended a delightful traditional Malay wedding, observed the customs, and still feel the thrills of the occasion.

Well, anything interesting and delightful that you wish to share with other surfers of Pahang-Delights will be just fine.

Write your story here and I’ll try to include it in my e-zine (the Pahang-Delights Babbler) or turn it into a webpage. (But please, no profanity, pornography, killing animals, or other undesirable stories.)

To contact me or to contribute, just fill in the following form with your story, feedback or information.

And do please include your city and country – your countrymen and the rest of the world will love you!

I take this opportunity to thank you in advance, and God bless you.


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