3 Delightful Beaches
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sea at balok beach kuantansea at balok beach kuantan
fallen kites at beachfallen kites at beach

The 3 delightful beaches in the state of Pahang which we are going to visit now, are no less attractive and fun than the popular beaches of Teluk Chempedak, Cherating and Batu Hitam  we have earlier visited in another web-page.

With 208 km of land facing the South China Sea, Pahang has an abundance of beaches,some vibrant and lively, yet others quiet and serene, rustic and laid-back, but they are no less fun and alluring as a holiday destination.

So now, bring along your swimming attire, beach mats and don’t forget the sun lotion because it’s mostly sunny and bright in tropical Pahang, and follow me to three lovely and delightful beaches, each with its own attractions, namely: 


Balok Beach, you will soon find, is the liveliest of the three beaches visited here, having a good spread of recreational facilities including a sea–sports center, with a few international class hotel and resorts located close by.

Chendor Beach, which is just next door to Cherating Beach, has long lured visitors with its fine sandy and quiet beach. There you will find one of the turtle sanctuaries in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

While Sepat Beach, about 15 minutes drive from Kuantan town, is quiet and cool, "undiscovered" as yet.


sailing at baloksailing at balok


Balok is a small village town along the main coastal road to Terengganu, and is located about 16 km north of Kuantan.

The beach at Balok is in fact acknowledged as one of the 10 best beaches in the world by the international wind-surfing and kite-surfing sportsmen.

Here we find a long stretch of fine sandy beach. And just in front of the beach you can see an islet of huge boulders. 

windsailing at beachwindsailing at beach

This place is quite a popular fishing ground for the local boys when the sea is calm.

To the adventurous minded it’s a place to test their mettle by swimming there from the beach especially during high tide.

The beach is ideal for sunbathing and swimming, and with miles of sea frontage, the beach provides a perfect playground for water sports, like windsurfing, kite-surfing and sailing.

That is why every year Balok hosts the International Windsurfing Regatta and Kuantan Beach Run, or the Kuantan Challenge, where with high monetary prizes, the events always see participation by top sportsmen and women from all over the world.

Browse this Pahang Hotels and Resorts Directory page for accommodations in Balok, and the best deals and super savers available.

Balok Water Recreation Center

kite surfing at balokkite surfing at balok

At the beachfront, you can find the Balok Water Recreation Center (Pusat Rekreasi Air Balok), administered by the Kuantan Town Council.

Here sports equipment and other necessary facilities are rented out to the public or groups at very reasonable prices.

This is a good place to hold family and group picnics, and to camp and enjoy the various water recreational activities available there. Companies usually hold their family days at this site because of the facilities available and the spacious grounds under the casuarinas which make it suitable for family and group games and fun activities.

kites at beachkites at beach

The facilities available at the Center include fenced camping area for around 2,000 persons, picnic area, toilets, restaurant, hostel for 40 persons (male and female), children’s playground, and function rooms for seminars and meetings.

Water activities such as kayaking, boating, fishing, sailing and jet-skiing are available there.

You can enjoy sports activities such as beach volleyball, beach football, netball, table-tennis, sepak takraw (Malaysian ball-game) and other group sports, like tug-of-war.

Arrangements can also be made for external activity like jungle trekking at the Teluk Air Tawar Forest Reserve nearby.



beautiful white sands of chendor beach, kuantanbeautiful white sands of chendor beach

Chendor is located next to Cherating and the beach is actually a natural extension of the Cherating beach.

The beach is attractive since it is not very crowded as other beaches, and you can feel the tranquility of the area under the sway of the coconut and casuarina trees.

The gentle golden sandy beach, cool breezes and village setting is and will always be a good place to unwind. 

right side of chendor near club med cheratingchendor beach near club med cherating

Besides being an excellent location to swim in the sea and laze under the sun, Chendor Beach is also a favorite spot to catch sight of the Green turtles nesting and laying their eggs ashore at certain times of the year, normally during early May to October.

The Cherating Turtle Sanctuary and Information Center was built in 1997 and opened to the public in June 1998, and administered by the Malaysian Fisheries Department with co-operation by the Pahang State Government.

This Center provides protection, nesting and breeding of turtles, and also provides information and educational activities on turtles. It is situated on 0.33 hectares of land at Cherating beach.

March to September is the Turtle Appreciation Season and admission is free.


In the Malaysian state of Sabah, there is also a turtle sanctuary where visitors can learn about turtles and observe turtles in their natural habitat. Visit our partner's wonderful website here and read about their exciting trip to the Turtle Islands.




pantai sepat (sepat beach) in kuantan, pahang, malaysiapantai sepat (sepat beach)

Tanjung Sepat village is located about 10 km from Kuantan and is located on the way south to the royal town of Pekan.

From Kuantan it is accessible via the road (bridge) at Tanjung Lumpur to Cheruk Paloh, and is an alternative way to the royal town of Pekan. 

coconut trees line the narrow roadcoconut trees line the narrow road

When reaching Tanjung Sepat Village, you’ll find that the place is serene and tranquil, a typical Malay fishing village.

The houses there are far in between, separated by woods and swaying coconut trees. You can see domestic cows, herds of goats and sheep grazing all along the way.

The small coastal road is adequate only for two vehicles either way, and being an alternative road to Pekan from Kuantan, a few cars can be seen to be speeding.

Pantai Sepat (Sepat Beach) is still, if I may say, a yet an  "undiscovered"  beach and not really known outside the locality. And hence mostly local villagers and Kuantan folks frequent the beach.

foodstall along sepat beach in kuantanfoodstall along sepat beach

The beach stretches for miles and you can see the waves of the South China Sea incessantly pounding the coast.

Fishing boats can be seen far out in the sea, and there are some boats tied together at the beach.

Unlike beaches which slope to the sea for a few meters and then suddenly drop deep, the beach at Pantai Sepat seems to slope very gradually to the sea, and perhaps would be ideal for children to splash and swim as it poses no danger of a sudden fall in the water gradient. 

sepat coconut trees along beachcoconut trees along beach

However, structure of beaches are continuously changed by the waves and stormy seas, and since Sepat Beach faces directly the full might of the South China Sea, there is always the danger that strong waves might sweep fun-seekers off their feet. 

Sepat Beach is quiet and serene – so bring along your beach mats and relax... just lie on the beach and swim in the sea.

Bring along friends and have a picnic. Have fun on the beach.

When you drive there, you will initially reach the village of Peramu, then the village of  Kempadang, before reaching the road junction to Pantai Sepat. Take the left turn to the Sepat beach. The road sign to Pantai Sepat is very prominent from the initial traffic junction in town until the junction to the beach. 

Popular Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish) Eateries At Tanjung Lumpur 

Well, before you go back to town or to your hotel room after the swim at Sepat Beach, don’t forget to stop by and savor the delicacies of grilled fish (ikan bakar) and seafood.

You can find them available at the restaurants all along the Tanjung Lumpur road to Kuantan town...

Tanjung Lumpur is a traditional fishing village located near the mouth of the Kuantan River. This village was in fact one of the earliest villages opened by the Malays in Kuantan many decades ago.

The ikan bakar restaurants here open only in the evening and they close late at night.

Customers dining at these restaurants savor the taste of fresh daily catches from the sea by the fishermen of the village.

Here you can also find eateries where live fishes are kept in big containers and customers can see the size of the fish and then pick and choose the fishes they desire for dinner.

Visitors to Kuantan are usually taken to these eateries by their hosts.

And the grilled fish and seafood are usually eaten bar-b-que style -– normally with the local spicy sauce of sambal belacan (pounded chili with prawn paste) or just plain chili sauce. Or they are eaten as dishes taken with rice.

Enjoy the food, as this is one of Kuantan’s popular stretches of grilled fish eateries and restaurants where the various selections of fishes, squids, shellfishes and prawns, provide a fascinating array of local dishes for the palate.

I hope you've enjoyed these 3 delightful beaches. In a future webpage I will take you by and by to the lovely and scenic beaches of Lanjut and Rompin and other beaches along the way at Pekan and Nenasi.

And yes, when we talk about beautiful beaches, Australia's favourite beach-side playground comes to mind -- where else but the Gold Coast of Australia. Visit this wonderful website Gold Coast Australia Travel Tips, and enjoy.

And as always, from me ...


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