Father's Day in Pahang

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Father’s Day in Pahang and in Malaysia is celebrated the same day as the rest of the world.

Father's Day in Pahang and in Malaysia is actually a new phenomenon, just like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

Being a creation of the western world however, it has slowly but surely caught on with the locals in view of the likeness to the tradition of filial piety, a value sacrosanct in eastern traditions.

In fact celebrating Father's Day perhaps complements, inculcates and help crystallizes the sense of virtue and value in the tradition of filial piety in children.

And just like Mother’s Day that was celebrated to appreciate the Moms of the world, Father’s Day and elsewhere is a day when children give due respect and appreciation to a parent for being born in this world and for the joys of living.

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And best of all to all Dads, grand-dads and great grand-dads of the world, Father’s Day is a day when gifts are lovingly given to that special male parent.

Well, to commemorate this special day, Pahang-Delights joins the world community and takes pleasure in recommending and promoting special gifts from the heart especially for your special Dad.

There are gifts galore at special prices and huge discounts, from the esteemed companies Pahang-Delights is proud to be affiliated with.

Take advantage of the special prices and huge discounts. Browse their websites if you don’t know what to give.

But remember to pick and choose a gift from your heart for your Dad. It need not be expensive.


Well... some suggestions... if you don't mind.

If Dad is an ardent adventurer, or likes to go for golf holidays and vacations, consider giving Dad useful golf items. Do remember, he is Special.

Or find an ideal gift that you can personalise for the occasion such as engraveable items.

If he is someone always on the go, the travelling type, consider an item from the many brands of travelling bags and luggage available. 

Perhaps your Dad is a lover of a certain something fine and exquisite, just like Mom - oh, what else but jewelry! Then look at the selection of stainless steel, sterling silver, and gold-plated bands and rings.

Also browse for your father's day gifts at Amazon.com, where a wide selection of gifts may be available for that unique someone - Dad or Grandpa.

If your Dad likes to write, or he really enjoys writing during his spare time, maybe he is interested in building a website. Watch this video and take a video tour of SBI!

and then present him with a Site Build It! web builder- a real easy way to building a website. I know because as a non-techie and web ignoramus, I’m using Site Build It! for this website. 

And Wait. You don’t need to be Dad’s child to send a gift for Father's Day.

Mom too... and Sis, or Dad’s favorite brother... you can all send someone called "Daddy" or "Papa" a special item from your heart.

Whatever, just make Dad special this Father’s Day.

No need to wait for Christmas. It may already passed or still a long way away.

Always DO IT NOW.

Well, Father’s Day I’m sure, will truly be a Special Day for all fathers.

Ahem, did I tell you I’m a Dad too?

And this year I am enthusiastically looking forward to gifts from the heart (I’m rubbing my hands now). Did you hear that, Mom? (Oh boy, she’s gone to the kitchen).

Anyway, from Pahang-Delights to all Dads out there,

"Have a special Father’s Day and may God bless you."

As always, from me...


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