Favorite Place For Patin Dishes in Temerloh, Pahang

by Amir
(kuala lumpur, malaysia)

Food-court Near Temerloh Jetty

Food-court Near Temerloh Jetty


I usually travel about twice a month to Temerloh for work. And when it is time for lunch, I always eat rice with either ikan patin masak tempoyak, or ikan patin asam rebus -- you know, they are the dish specialties of Temerloh town.

And my favourite eating place for ikan patin dishes is at the food-court facing the Pahang River jetty, not far from the Temerloh bus terminal. Here’s a photo of the location.

The place is always crowded during lunch-time, filled by locals and also travellers who stop by at Temerloh when on their way either to Kuala Lumpur or Kuantan.

Although there are other places selling patin dishes, the stalls at this food-court, in my opinion, serve the best patin dishes in town, maybe even in the whole of Pahang!

The patin fishes are mostly of the "patin sangkar" (caged) type commonly reared along the banks of the Pahang River. And the price for a slice of the patin dish (about one third of the fish) costs about RM5.00 only.

And I usually order warm tea with lime juice (or "teh limau suam") to go with the dishes.

Everyone should try the patin dishes there. They are really delicious.

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May 29, 2017
i would love to try NEW
by: meimei

hi, i'll be going to kuantan this weekend and will be passing this area.Is the shop open during their fasting month...?

Jun 15, 2016
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Apr 27, 2016
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Oct 07, 2015
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Apr 24, 2012
Patin tempoyak in puchong
by: Mohd. Alif

I am also a patin tempoyak lover, recently i visited a new shop stated at bandar puchong utama, a friend from putrajaya told me about. They serve patin tempoyak asam and patin tempoyak lemak. The food is nice, i recommend it to all tempoyak lover, i heard that their fish and tempoyak is all from temerloh because the owner is from temerloh. The shop name is Patin Place, the shop is just in front of the 'tangki air bandar puchong' utama batu 14.

The nasi lemak there is also very nice, recommended.

Mohd. Alif

Oct 31, 2007
Best Patin Dish Food-court
by: Khalid Samad

Hi Amir,

I know that place (food-court) you mentioned. It's at the Temerloh Pasar Minggu area, right?

Whenever I'm in Temerloh, I sometimes also stop by there for ikan patin dishes. And I can vouch the patin dishes there are really tasty.

In fact I also like the place for its variety of other traditional Temerloh dishes, with ulam (raw veggies) and many types of sambal, jeruk, etc.

I actually have a few other favorite ikan patin stalls and restaurants in Temerloh, usually depending on where I am in the town. When my hunger pangs sing, I just go to the nearest one!

Thanks Amir for sharing.

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