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exhibits at Galeri Tokoh Temerlohexhibits at Galeri Tokoh Temerloh
pictures of the past leaders of temerloh councilphotos of past leaders of temerloh council
various displays at galeri tokoh temerlohvarious displays

Galeri Tokoh in Temerloh was set up as a tribute and appreciation to the noted personalities born in the district who had found fame locally and internationally, and had contributed enormously to the town, state and nation, in their various vocations and style.

This Temerloh Heroes (or Notables) Gallery is located in the heart of Temerloh town on the ground-floor of the old town council building, or Dewan Bandaran Temerloh, near the town's post office. 

This Gallery was officially opened on the 18th of July, 2009 by the Pahang State Chairman of the Information, Science, Technology and Innovation Executive Committee, Datuk Haji Mohd Sarkar bin Haji Shamsudin.

The Galeri Tokoh Temerloh was originally planned to be established as a tribute to Pak Sako and Datuk Sudirman Haji Arshad, but it was later agreed, rightly so, to expand the Gallery to include other celebrities and notables born in the district of Temerloh.

Personalities Depicted

some photos of the notables in temerlohphotos of few notables

The following are the personalities and celebrities that I saw depicted (I may have missed others) in the Tokoh Galeri Temerloh.

And I'm sure more personalities would be added in the future, as recognition and tribute to those who have brought fame to Temerloh.

  • Datuk Sudirman bin Haji Arshad (singer and actor)
  • Pak Sako (Datuk Ishak bin Haji Mohamad) (writer and politician)
  • Datuk S. Roomai Noor (Mohd Taib bin Salleh) (actor)
  • U-Wei Saari (Zuhir bin Haji Saari) (film director)
  • Ami Masra (Dr Amirudin bin Haji Mansor) (poet)
  • Tan Sri Haji Yahya bin Mohd Seh (politician and Pahang Menteri Besar 1964-1972)
  • Abdul Rahman bin Talib (politician and Federal Minister)
  • Datuk Hamzah bin Abu Samah (politician, Federal Minister)
  • Ibrahim Haji Yaacob (politician and nation independence fighter)
  • Datok Tok Muda Awang Ngah (politician and state assembly representative)
  • Tan Sri Sabaruddin bin Chik (politician and Federal Minister) 

the fishes of Pahang at Galeri Tokoh Temerlohfishes of Pahang ehibit
pictures of handicraftshandicrafts displays
sketches by sudirman on display at galeri tokoh temerlohsketches by sudirman

In this Gallery, we can find the photographs, personal collections, belongings and possessions of the depicted personalities, such as the costumes and accessories worn by the late Datuk Sudirman, the typewriters used by Pak Sako for his newspaper articles and stories, and some rare cameras and related equipment collections of Datuk S. Roomai Noor.

There are clippings of newspaper articles written on the personalities and some personal letters of awards and certificates received by them. Especially interesting are the few doodle-like sketches by the late Datuk Sudirman done during his shows.

Besides being a Gallery, the place coupled as a tourist information center for visitors to Temerloh. It has information for tourists on the various attractions found in the vicinity of Temerloh town such as the elephant and seladang sanctuaries, mini zoo, deerland park, and Gunung Senyum.

photos of pasar malam in temerlohphotos of temerloh pasar malam

We can also find exhibits of some of the old Malay handicraft works, games and traditional equipment used in the old days, such as winnows, fishing nets and traps, and there is even an aquarium with some representative fishes of the Pahang River, like the sebarau, kelah, kerai and patin.

And of course the Galeri Tokoh Temerloh is filled with photographs of the personalities depicted and the history of the town, such as the old buildings, pekan sehari, the big flood and river bridges of the past.

This is a great place for not only outsiders and tourists to know a little history of the town, but also is a good information and reference center for those who wish to know more about the personalities depicted there.

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So when you visit Temerloh, don't forget to add this Galeri Tokoh to your itinerary and read about the esteemed personalities and the prides of the town.

As always, from me...


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