Herbal Plants of Pahang

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Did you know that there are more than 25,000 species of plants, including herbal plants, in the state of Pahang?

Well, Pahang is the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia and is abundantly filled with thousands of acres of tropical rainforests with verdant flora and fauna.

It is therefore not surprising that growing within those rainforests naturally abound herbal plants with great varieties of medicinal and health properties.

It has also been identified that out of the more than 25,000 species of plants, more than 1,200 species had been proven to have medicinal values and qualities.

In this web-page I will try to give a brief outline and details on some of the popular and important herbal plants found and grown in Pahang, as an introduction to the subject.

I will explain and divulge to you in another web-page the secrets of the rainforests and the medicinal values of the plants, and perhaps give some useful tips I’ve been told of traditional Malay medicinal and herbal practice and beliefs.

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Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Misai Kucing, Mas Cotek, Cengkudu, Serai Wangi, Pegaga, Hempedu Bumi, Senduduk and Cekur, (their Malay names) are some of the more popular and easily identifiable herbal plants.

They are grown or cultivated either in home gardens or in commercial plantations and estates, and are found naturally in the lush rainforests of Pahang.

These medicinal plants may also comprise of fruit trees and vegetable plants, with their fruits, leaves or tree containing health-giving and curing properties as traditionally believed by the Malays.

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In fact, the majority of these plants have been known for their medicinal and health properties hundreds of years ago and used extensively by Malay traditional medical practitioners.

In modern times, their medicinal and health-giving properties have been proven and noted through modern scientific researches, analyses and tests carried out by Malaysian universities and relevant government agencies.


The plants have been widely believed and also proven, on their own and sometimes in combination, to be able to alleviate and cure certain diseases and ailments, and they are commonly used as alternative medicines.

But most times they are used and indicated as supplements, having the necessary vitamins, minerals and other properties that help to strengthen and rejuvenate the body’s immune system and enhance the over-all health of a person.

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Made and concocted into various forms like pills, liquids and powders, they are popularly used to alleviate and treat a host of ailments, from the common cold, fever, migraines, hypertension, coughs, piles, fibroids, indigestion, diabetes, malaria, etc., to even some forms of cancer and HIV/AIDS.

They are also taken and used for beautification purposes, to treat skin diseases, slimming the body, as sexual enhancers and aphrodisiacs, and improving general health.


In Pahang, herbal plants are not only found in the wild but are also planted and grown in home gardens and commercial nurseries.

There are many commercial nurseries in Pahang that, besides selling plants for cosmetic purposes for landscaping, they also sell herbal plants to house owners for their own consumption.

These nurseries have many varieties and species of plants where one can buy and obtain seedlings and mature plants for planting in pots in the home or garden. 

With increasing knowledge and expertise through modern scientific research and development, and the growth of the biotechnology sector in the country, there will no doubt be wider use of these herbal plants as alternative medicines and supplements to conventional modern medical practices.

Well, hopefully too by knowing these herbal plants species of Pahang and their invaluable uses, it will help in conservation efforts of the plants and trees, and by extension, help in the protection of wild-life living in the vast rainforests and national and state parks in the state.

Until then, as always from me,


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