Ikan Patin Asam Rebus

ikan patin asam rebusikan patin asam rebus dish

The "ikan patin asam rebus" dish is another favorite recipe and traditional way of cooking the silver catfish by the Malays in Pahang, besides the ikan patin masak tempoyak recipe described in another web-page. 

Well, I mentioned earlier that Temerloh in Pahang is the famous home of the ikan patin (silver catfish), and that the town and village folks have many ways or recipes on how to cook this particular fish.

The ikan patin asam rebus dish is slightly different from the ikan patin masak tempoyak style because the watery soup or gravy tastes a little sour and spicy (hot), whereas the tempoyak dish is a bit sweet due to the delicious ripe durian taste, and has a somewhat thicker gravy. 

Well, tempoyak is actually made from durians.

And so when the durian season is over, and the stock of tempoyak kept is finished and when shops do not have tempoyak available for sale, mothers (oh, my mum loved to cook this dish) and cooks will then change to this alternative style of cooking the catfish.  

I am happy to detail below the traditional Malay food dish recipe for the ikan patin asam rebus, obtained from my aunty in Temerloh, so that the chefs and gourmets out there can try out this delightful dish.

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1 kg patin, cleaned and cut in three to five portions

Ingredients A

  • 6 pieces red chillies
  • 5 pieces red onions
  • 2 pieces garlic
  • 3 pieces lemon grass

Ingredients B

  • 1 piece of bunga kantan, sliced
  • 3 sprigs kesum (bot: polygonum) leaves (or substitute with mint)
  • 4 pieces of dried tamarind slices (asam gelugor)
  • 750 ml water

Cooking Method

  1. Add ingredients A and blend them until fine.
  2. Mix the ingredients A and B in the pot. Cook for about 20 minutes under medium heat until boiled and until fragrance rises.
  3. Put in the fish and simmer until the fish is cooked for about 10 minutes.


This traditional dish is normally served and eaten with the plain steamed white rice, adding a great soury taste to the staple food of the Malays.

It also makes for a wonderful dish if taken with fine or whole-meal wheat bread, pancakes and the roti canai.

Well, I hope you’ll enjoy the ikan patin cooked in this traditional dish style of the Malays in Pahang.

You can find it as one of the dishes you can order at the various food-courts and restaurants in Temerloh.

And specifically, if you’re in Temerloh, you can normally obtain this savory ikan patin asam rebus dish at the various stalls and food-courts near the Sungai Semantan (Pahang River) jetty, adjoining the town’s bus station.

Enjoy your meal.

As always, from me ...


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