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Bandar Indera Mahkota is a relatively "new" planned township in Pahang. It was established in 1983 with the opening of the first phase of residential housing known as Indera Mahkota 1 (or shortened to IM 1). 

Its earliest residential housing estate composed of blocks  of multi-storey flats constructed through the fast track method developed by Samick Corporation of Korea. These earlier flats however had to be demolished later for defects found in the construction.  

This township acts as a satellite of Kuantan, helping to absorb the rapid population and economic growth of the state's capital and attract them away from the already congested capital city center. 

Its nearest housing area  (IM 1) is about 4 kilometres northeast of Kuantan Town, with the furthest (currently IM 15) about 15 minutes away, following the main road to Sungei Lembing. 

From afar, visitors can see the blue-colored Istana Abdul Aziz, on top of the hill, residence of the Pahang royalty. 

The Kuantan Town Council or Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan (MPK) is still the local authority administering and governing the town and inhabitants.  

From Atabara Estate to Indera Mahkota 

The Bandar Indera Mahkota area was once known as Atabara, where massive acres of palm oil and rubber estates owned by the Atabara Estate company existed. It was also mainly forested and lowland areas with Sungai Talam and Sungai Tiram flowing through and later to help form the main Kuantan River. 

indera mahkota courts complex

The new name was effected with the conversion of the area into a new, well-developed residential area with the requisite infrastructure in place.  

And today, you can find 16 clusters of Indera Mahkota residential estates, office complexes and industrial parks, each with its own self-contained amenities, shops, offices, medical clinics, mosques or surau, and playgrounds. 

And of course with increasing population and economic activities, there will be more housing and industrial areas to come. 

So from the initial IM 1 in 1983 to IM 16 today, planning works have begun for the next IM 17 and IM 18 phases of residential housing.   


What is the origin of the name? 

masjid tengku ampuan afzan (IM1)

In Pahang history, Indera Mahkota is usually associated with warriors, and the rank or title of "Imam Perang Indera Mahkota" will be royally conferred specially upon a distinguished fighter who will be a leader for the warriors of the state. 

For instance, way back in 1873, after the Selangor war, Sultan Ahmad promoted Gendut from Imam Perang Raja to Imam Perang Indera Mahkota. 

In fact, the title-holder was appointed a member of the State's Council during the early years of Pahang as a British Protectorate. 


Centralised Location

wisma belia indera mahkota

Instead of going to the Gambang toll via the Kuantan Bypass Highway, road users from Kuantan can take the main road via the township to the East Coast Expressway or Lengkaran Pantai Timor (LPT) Kuantan toll Interchange to go to Kuala Lumpur or northwards to Trengganu. 

The historical tin-mining town of Sungei Lembing is around 38 kilometres or about half an hours' drive from Bandar Indera Mahkota. 

Bandar Indera Mahkota is also near to the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport (Kuantan airport) and Gambang / Mangala Resort, when using the Kuantan Bypass Highway.

New Government Buildings and Complexes

PTG indera Mahkota
jpj indera mahkota

With the rapid growth of Kuantan, and to prevent the massive traffic jams and congestion expected of a growing capital city, authorities have moved out many key federal and state government departments and agencies to Bandar Indera Mahkota. 

Amongst others, departments such as Road Transport (JPJ), Immigration, Customs, Registration, Employees Provident Fund (KWSP), Pahang Land and Mines (PTG), Audit, Archive, Education, and even the Kuantan Courts of Law, now have their own beautiful building or complex in Indera Mahkota. 

terminal sentral kuantan

These buildings and complexes are not only new and grand-looking, and naturally equipped with better facilities, but they also provide the public with a more convenient and comfortable environment when dealing with the government offices and agencies.

The new bus terminal for outstation buses to Kuantan, known as Terminal Sentral Kuantan (TSK) is also located here. It has a modern air-conditioned building for passengers waiting for the buses, giving the atmosphere of a mini airport, while feeder services from Kuantan are provided by Rapid Kuantan buses to the location. 

Schools, Colleges and Universities

sekolah sg. talam (IM15) archery competition

Educational institutions, ranging from primary to secondary schools (including vernacular schools),  and higher institutions like colleges, polytechnics, and universities can be found in Indera Mahkota. 

Colleges like IKIP, Politeknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (Polisas), Kolej Komuniti, MARA Professional College and Shahputra College University, help to make the township vibrant with young students and engender the spread of sports and social activities that cater for the young generation.   

iium medical center

The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) has its medical, pharmacy, opthalmology, pediatric, dentistry and other related specialist faculties at IM 7.

And recently in 2016, its new IIUM Medical Center complex was officially opened by the Sultan of Pahang, IIUM's constitutional Head. 

Besides the IIUM specialist hospital, a private hospital, the Kuantan Medical Center (KMC), has also started its main operations at its grand newly-completed building at IM 5. 

Sports and Social Amenities 

sukpa gymnasium
sukpa stadium tertutup

As a planned township, the authorities have not forgotten to build various amenities located at various areas of the township. 

We can find recreational parks, like Taman Bandar, and the Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Agricultural Park, where visitors can relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Sports facilities are also spread across the township. At the Wisma Belia area, there is a swimming pool for the public and a short distance away the field hockey stadium. 

sukpa football stadium

At the Pahang Sports Complex (SUKPA), a gymnasium, a soccer stadium, shooting range and a closed stadium for indoor sports are available. 

And not to forget, for the ardent golfers, the Mahkota Golf and Country Club (MGCC) at IM 13, is an 18 hole golf course, formerly known as the Astana Golf Club. 

The main mosque of Indera Mahkota is the Tengku Ampuan Afzan Mosque at IM 1, but every housing area has its own mosque or surau. Other main mosques/suraus where Muslims can do their Friday prayers include Masjid As-Shafie Kotasas (IM 10), Surau Silahuddin Al-Ayyubi (IM15) and Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah (IIUM).  

Restaurants and Food Outlets 

super kitchen indera mahkota
jaman tori restaurant

As a modern township, the various clusters of residential areas have their own self-contained retail shops and food outlets and stalls.  

At IM8, for instance, there is a row of restaurants that cater for the gourmet and food lovers, offering not only local dishes (including the patin dish) but also Thai tomyam, fast-food and fine-dining. 

At the Jungle Food-court (IM 5) across the road from KMC, you can get a variety of local dishes including satay, Arabic food and grilled lamb and chicken.   

kfc indera mahkota

You can find fast-food restaurants dispersed within easy driving distances within the township. 

sri manja boutique hotel at bandar indera mahkota

Burger King and Ayam Penyet (IM7), McDonalds and KFC (IM8), Pizza Hut and Dominos pizza (IM2), are popular with the residents, especially during week-ends and public holidays. 

The two big hotels you can stay here are City Times Hotel and the Sri Manja Hotel, although many budget hotels and home-stays are also available. 

Well, just some facts on a township that is fast growing in the state of Pahang. 

And to visitors, it is always, 

*** Selamat Datang***

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