Adventures, Cultures, Commerce and Pleasures in Pahang

image of beautiful pink flower in pahang
photo of the state mosque in kuantan
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Just so you know, this serene yet exciting state is in fact a microcosm of the nation of Malaysia, from its miles of unspoilt sandy beaches and islands fronting the South China Sea, to the natural lakes, rivers, highlands, virgin jungles and mountain ranges of the interior.

Travel Guide For You

If you ever come to Malaysia, don’t forget to visit delightful Pahang Darul Makmur.

Take your time to browse this website and find out about the adventures, cultures and pleasures that are aplenty in this largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. 

Make this website your travel guide to the state, and as information resource to this wonderful place in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

You will also discover in your travels here, a colorful fusion of exotic, ethnic cultures -- Malay, Chinese, Indian and Orang Asli -- uniquely blended, as Malaysia is truly Asia

Whether your passion is adventure or leisure, don't you miss this east coast state - or your travels in beautiful Malaysia are quite incomplete. 

photo of baju kurung, the traditional dress of the malays
welcome signage to kuantan
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Come And See Firsthand What's Here -- And Be Amazed Yourself.  And Enjoy While You Do.

Come Explore With Me And Marvel At What the State Has To Offer.

This website endeavors to invite, inform and guide you (and your family, your friends, in fact everybody) to places of interest all over the state and to explore and savor the unexpected thrills, joys and excitement you can experience while here. 

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image of sungei lembing river crossing in pahang

Whether you like adventure (rough or cool), or just to marvel at nature, to relax under the sun for a romantic getaway, or just to try your luck at the casino and be entertained by world-class international artistes..... believe me, PAHANG HAS IT ALL!

  • Golden beaches and beautiful islands
  • Rough rivers and mystical lakes
  • Virgin jungles, fascinating caves and mountains
  • Exotic flora and fauna 
  • Cool highland retreats and resorts
  • Unique cultures, customs and traditions  

photo of cultural show by young dancers
picture of ancient rickshaw at pahang museum
dishes of pahang photo

Take your pick... and come EXPLORE with me.

I was born in the small town of Temerloh, and live in Kuantan, the capital city. 

I’ll share my experience and knowledge for your passion and enjoyment.

Let's explore and discover together, and marvel at the profusion of thrilling adventures, cultures and pleasures that is on offer.

And, well, "Pahang-Delights" might just be an understatement.

So, as we Malaysians say to all our visitors...


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