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Kuala Rompin is the gateway to many fun, relaxing and adventurous activities which can be found in the district known as Rompin. 

Rompin is the southernmost district of Pahang and it borders Johore state. It covers an area of more than 4,000 square kilometers including the island of Tioman.

Kuala Rompin (usually shortened to just "Rompin" by local folks), located about 125 kilometers from Kuantan, is the main town of the Rompin district.

Other smaller towns and villages nearby include Nenasi and Leban Chondong, and further away Bandar Muadzam Shah and the quaint towns of Tioman Island.

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Rompin' in Rompin

What can we do in Kuala Rompin?

Well, there's so much to do, if you are ready to enjoy! 

Follow me, my friends...we'll start with sports fishing. 

Sports Fishing

Kuala Rompin is where fishing enthusiasts all over the world come to take part in the catch-and-release Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge every year.

the pantai bernas jetty at rompin, pahangpantai bernas jetty

Of course during normal days and weekends there will be local and foreign fishing enthusiasts too, because the sea off Rompin is a paradise for billfishes, marlins, sailfishes and other large fishes that feed on the anchovies and small fishes there.

The fishermen's jetty at the Lanjut and Bernas beaches and the new jetty at the Sea Sports Centre are the departing point for the boats going out to the South China Sea for this fun and challenging sports fishing.

Read more on the RPBIC here.

signboard to lanjut and bernas beachessignboard to lanjut and bernas beaches
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Tranquil Beaches of Rompin

Facing the South China Sea, the beaches of Rompin is pure sandy and white, golden when the sun shines in the morning and evening.

Needless to say, fun activities on the beaches and swimming in the sea, or fishing along the beaches, or just idling and sitting under the beach umbrella while being caressed by the breeze, are some of the things people do at the beaches.

pantai hiburan beach at rompin, pahangpantai hiburan beach

Pantai Hiburan is the main attraction with shops and foodstalls, and parking and other facilities available. It stretches out from the Rompin River river-mouth and all along the coast facing the sea.

The beaches of Bernas and Lanjut, are on the opposite side of Pantai Hiburan across the river-mouth and are located on the way north to Kuantan from Kuala Rompin.

These Rompin beaches are undoubtedly some of the best beaches in Pahang, awe-inspiring in their frontage glimpse towards the South China Sea, and having that special feeling of peace and tranquility when you laze about on them. 

Giant Prawns (macrobrachium rosenberghii) and Clams

Of course being a fishing town with riverine habitat as well as close to the sea, "udang galah" (giant prawns) are abundant, and the village of Leban Chondong is famous for the yummy prawn dishes. These prawns are caught fresh from the Rompin River, Nenasi River, Endau and Anak Endau Rivers.

direction sign to endau-rompin state park in pahangdirection sign to endau-rompin state park

The restaurant at the Menchali Forest Reserve, a recreational forest area, about 16 kilometers away is a popular destination for giant prawn lovers and travelers to Rompin.

Besides the prawns, the sandy areas at the Rompin River mouth and Pantai Bernas is also a place where the locals collect clams known as kepah. This activity is popular when the water level in the river is shallow and the sandy islands on the rivers are easy to reach.

Usually we can also find stalls along the main trunk road selling these shellfish in net bundles of RM10.00.

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Dazzling Night Performances by Fireflies

Especially during moonless nights, at Lanjut and a little upstream up the Rompin River, we can see the dazzling flashes of light at some trees along the river.

These natural and coordinated flashing of nature's "neon-lights" are those of the tiny fireflies, congregating along the river trees. They are actually the male fireflies showing and putting on their best lights to attract the females.

Check with the river boat operators for a night cruise to watch these dazzling performances.

But please do not catch, harm or disturb their mating rituals by flashing your torchlights or camera. Just watch and enjoy God's lovely creatures performing a natural light show for your benefit.

Golf and Woodball

For golfers, there is a lovely 18-hole golf course at Serai Beach and Golf Resort at Lanjut.

And for those who prefer the game of woodball, there is a world-class 24 gates woodball course nearby.

If you want to know more about the game of woodball, read here on Pahang woodball.

The Endau-Rompin State Park

This wildlife and nature park is part of the Endau-Rompin National Park which is also accessible from Johore. The Pahang entrance is about 45 km of road travel from Kuala Rompin. 

Read more on this beguiling state park here.

Scuba Diving And Snorkelling at Tioman Island

Further 24km down south is the small town of Tanjung Gemok, where there is a jetty and boat operator for travellers to the captivating Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island).

Tioman Island and the marine parks and islands are underwater havens for keen scuba divers and snorkelling enthusiasts as they explore the coral reefs and fascinating underwater habitats in the clear waters.

Of course the island also teems with spectacular fauna and flora, some of which are not found on the mainland, thus attracting bird-watchers, wildlife and nature lovers to the island.

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So when you come to Pahang, don't forget to do some stompin' and rompin' in Rompin.

Enough chatter, so let's get goin' .


As always, from me …..


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