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school-children with baby turtles
awareness program with schoolchildren at cherating turtle sanctuary

Loving Nature And Nature Lovers

Are you a member of the MNS Pahang Branch?

If not, come join me and more than 100 other Pahang residents of all walks of life and age, as members of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).

members planting trees for school


Well, as you know, Pahang still has enormous tracts of rain-forests that teem with bountiful flora and fauna, enthralling landscapes, and amazing wildlife and nature.

From the highest mountains, rainforests and rivers to the beautiful lakes and beaches, let's explore and learn about the eco-systems and the rich bio-diversity of Pahang, and to help protect, preserve and conserve them.

naturalist magazine cover of the mns

Because if these wonderful nature heritage is not properly cared for, we will surely see their quick demise.

And it will then be more than a sad day when we find out that the unique and endemic flora and fauna species that we usually take for granted have suddenly disappeared, and are no more for us or our children to enjoy.

So, let's work together to ensure that Pahang's priceless nature heritage will be preserved and whatever necessary human encroachment, development and activities shall take into consideration the preservation and proper care of the eco-balance and systems of the existing environment.

mns pahang members and school-children with baby turtles for release
members busy selecting plants for planting

Guiding Principles

The MNS Pahang Branch (and the parent MNS) is neither an anti-government nor an anti-development body. Instead it believes strongly that working together as one is more beneficial for all.

Accordingly the MNS Pahang Branch works hand in hand with the government, and with companies and other bodies, offering advice and proposals on relevant issues that concern and impact nature and the environment.

And in all its activities you'll find that inherent, universal spirit of volunteerism and keen co-operation that make up the members of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).

Did You Know?

That the Malaysian Nature Society is Malaysia’s largest and oldest non-government environmental organization?

planting hibiscus plants

It was formed before Independence by nature-imbued British expatriates concerned on the preservation of then Malaya's unique and bountiful nature heritage.

The MNS continued with vigor thereafter and were led subsequently by Malaysians of all races.

This year (2010) the MNS celebrates its 70 years of establishment, and history would show that it had, over the years, played an integral role in preserving Malaysia's natural habitat and wildlife.

It is undoubtedly the greatest driving force behind the voice for sustained development and conservation in our country.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

mns caving group

Having members with diverse interests and passions in various aspects of nature, the MNS Pahang Branch also caters for the special interest and passion of the respective members.

Currently the Special Interest Groups (SIG) of the MNS Pahang Branch include birding, jungle trekking, nature study, astronomy and photography.

Of course Pahang Branch members also join activities and outings, like caving, birding, trekking and nature study tours, organized by the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of the MNS and other state branches.

Read more on membership in the MNS website here.

Nature Lovers, Come Be a Member of the MNS Pahang Branch

So, dear friends, if you love animals and wildlife, or the forests and the tiny and huge creatures that live in them, and you sincerely believe in the need for their conservation -- in short, you're a nature lover in Pahang -- come join us!

members and school-children releasing baby turtles

You'll soon discover, and perhaps be thrilled by, the wonders of nature.

And you'll learn about the importance of eco-preservation. Perhaps, you'll create a special bond, and then magically find that you are already on intimate terms with nature and wildlife.

You'll probably find out that the flora and fauna of nature have souls and spirits of their own, that are inextricably intertwined with our own human lives, helping and be helped, receiving and giving, living and letting live.

MNS Motto

Know nature, value nature and act for nature

Well, it is up to us humans to ensure that this special bond and interdependence with nature will continue unabated for our own benefit, survival and longevity. That is why the MNS motto "Know nature, value nature and act for nature" is appropriate.


As always from me ...


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