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On this Mother’s Day in May, Pahang-Delights is pleased to dedicate this web-page specially for Moms, for all Mothers of the World. 

In Pahang, mother or mom, mama, mum or mummy have their Malay language equivalent as "ibu" or "emak" or just "mak" and in more formal terms, "bonda" or "ibunda".

And my Tamil (Indian) friends call their mothers "amma" and my Chinese friends called theirs "ma".

But by whatever names called, we all refer to the same dedicated, special female human being, namely, mothers, who endure a long period of great pain and labor to bring us lovingly into this world.

And it is therefore fitting and appropriate that a special day in the year be chosen as Mother’s Day, when all children can show and express their gratitude, appreciation and love to their own moms or mama.

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The Malays of Pahang, and also elsewhere in Malaysia, especially in the past, follow a quaint traditional practice or rite for pregnant woman, normally for those in the seventh month of pregnancy.

It is a rite or ceremony intended to facilitate a smooth and easy delivery of the baby when the time for confinement comes.

This rite or ceremony is called the Melenggang Perut. It is translated as Rocking of the Abdomen/Stomach, and involves massage and bathing rituals mostly carried out by the village bidan or mid-wife.

Even today, with advanced medical and health-care treatments, this melenggang perut ceremony for pregnant women is still followed by some modern Malay women.

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Mothers, to the predominantly Muslim Malays of Pahang and elsewhere, must be given due respect and love. In Islamic teachings, it is said, figuratively, that Paradise or Heaven lies under the sole of the Mother’s feet.

What it means is that children who are blessed and loved by their mothers can naturally expect to go to heaven or paradise. But a child who hurts the heart of the mother, to the extent that she will not accept the child as her’s anymore, may not go to heaven, unless the mother forgives her before she dies (which I believe mothers would normally do because of their innate love for their children).

In fact, Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) when asked who we should respect, replied in the first instance, "your mother". And when asked, "who then?", he replied, "your mother". And when asked again, "after that, who then?", he replied, "your mother". And only on the fourth time, when asked the same question, he said, "your father".

Mothers are that important in Islam.


We, as children, should understand and know that all mothers have only kind thoughts and love in their hearts for their children. They have an inborn, instinctive and inherent love for their children.

They had gone through those long periods of pregnancy, patiently endured pain and sickness, and after birth, have tended the baby with great, tender loving care until the child is old enough to make adult decisions.

Whatever mothers do are purely for the sake of the children’s well-being. Like father too, she may scold, spank, cane or slap her children, but all these are meant to educate and instill better manners, habits or values to ensure that her children become better adults and a better human being, benefiting society.

Mom does all these because of her basic instinct of love and protection for her children, and nothing else. Mothers know their children best.


And just like Father’s Day, in Pahang the global Mother’s Day celebration held in May every year is a day for all her children (and spouse) to show their love, appreciation and gratitude for the self-less care and dedication, guidance and love that their own moms had given them.

We should admit that we cannot really put a value on the great sacrifices, suffering and pain that our moms had gone through pregnancy and during child-birth, and then tending us with so much love, care and devotion while we were growing. No, we cannot really repay her for all that.

We can only reciprocate by giving her something tangible that she loves, as a small token and expression of our appreciation, debt, love and gratitude to her. And, every year, without fail, to always remember to give her something sincerely from our heart on her very own special Mother's Day.


mama and friend

So on this Mother’s Day, if you can afford, go get something tangible for your Mom to show your love and gratitude, something that she will cherish, as gifts from the heart of her own children.

And perhaps here’s something that Mom, Mama, Mummy, Ibu, Emak, Bonda, Amma and Ma of the world will definitely love. We all know what’s!

Personalised jewelry in the form of an engraved necklace, pendant, ring, bracelet, choker or others. 

Or give her something that is although less expensive than diamonds but definitely no less desirable by checking the range of delightful jewelry products similar to jewelry worn by the celebrities. 

But do always remember to present it from your heart. Mothers know instinctively whether you do it sincerely or you are just simply following what other people are doing!

Coming back to gifts for moms on Mother's Day....

If you reckon it’s high time she needs to show off a new handbag on that special Mother's Day (women loves handbags, I’m sure you know too), browse and choose that perfect brand or style of handbag your Mom loves.

But we know that moms being moms, there are some who don’t really care or desire for expensive things. Well, some moms are like that. She genuinely believes in thriftiness. She doesn't like wastage and extravagance. So, for her special day, why not get something she would use everyday (or night). Try to browse for a somewhat different gift.

izzat and mummy

But if after wracking your brain, you still can’t decide what to give Mom for Mother’s Day, don’t ever despair.

Just give Mom a BIG, Thank-you, Special MOTHER'S DAY HUG and a Loving Kiss on her very special day.

Just expressing your love to her is good enough. In fact it’s great, as sincere love is the best and highest gift of all.



Well, to all Moms on this Mother's Day, in all parts of this place we call Earth, do take pride in the children you’ve raised.

Feel proud that you have somehow succeeded, whatever the final outcome, in bringing up your children with unceasing, unrequited love, day in and day out - a responsibility perhaps no other person would want to take, nor, in my opinion, should it really be entrusted to others.

Pahang-Delights salute all Mothers by whatever names called. You truly deserve the best. The world is really not enough..

So, here's to a ... 


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