Mr. John Basevi

by John Basevi
(Redditch ,Worcestershire ,UK)

Sir ,
In 1980 I lived in Kuantan for nearly a year and before leaving I confirmed the purchase of three beaten copper artworks depicting scenes of Malay village life which I found very inspiring and quite poetic.

I have treasured this artworks and encased these in glass protected frames to avoid deterioration through corrosion as the protective coating was not very sophisticated.

I would like to find some more artworks from this artist but have not been successful in even finding any record of this artist who signed his works "Tiyar".

I contacted an art gallery in Kuala Lumpur and they, not knowing of the artist, gave me your address.

I would be very grateful if you could shed light in this matter and find out more about the artist and his works as he must be a son of Pahang.

I shall look foward to hear that he is known to your organisation. After all these years his depiction of Malay life still gives me a lot of pleasure. His works are simple but very expressive.


John Basevi



Hi Mr Basevi,

I'm afraid I'm unable to help you too, though I've made enquiries.

I hope by putting your query here, others who may perhaps know his real identity will comment and inform us accordingly.



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