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There are not many museums in Pahang, but you can be sure that the ones that are established in the State provide good information, artifacts and exhibits for visitors.

You can find the Muzium Seni Pahang (Pahang Arts Museum) in the heart of Kuantan, at Jalan Masjid, near the Kuantan State Mosque.

Further away, in Sungai Lembing, there is a museum show-casing the history of the town during its heyday when it had the deepest and largest subterranean coal-mine in the world.

And in Bandar Pekan Diraja, the Pahang State Museum known as the Sultan Abu Bakar Museum, contains the best exhibits and historical artifacts on the state of Pahang.

Nearby, just across the road from the State Museum is a Watercraft and Boat Gallery, with real exhibits of the boats and crafts that used to criss-cross the rivers of Pahang and the coastal areas when they were the chief means of transportation, before modern vessels and engine–run vehicles came into being.

There are other small, mini museums in Pahang, like the Galeri Tokoh in Temerloh and the Felda Muzium located where the first Felda development was established.

There is also a mini museum in Tioman, and other similar ones in the state.

Anyway, I will take you to visit them by and by.


Pahang Arts Museum

The Pahang Arts Museum ("Muzium Seni Pahang") is one of the popular museums visited by locals and foreigners.

This museum actually took over the premises of the Pahang Heroes Museum which depicted the personalities, heroes and notables of the state, but the exhibits were now placed at the state museum in Pekan.

Muzium Seni Pahang is geared towards the artistic aspects of artworks and related genres.

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Pekan State Museum

PEKAN (the Royal Town)

Located on the banks of the Pahang River 50 km south of Kuantan, Pekan is the royal town of the state of Pahang Darul Makmur. In Pekan, there is a museum and watercraft gallery where as sources of Pahang history, they are rich with exhibits of ancient artifacts.

In the middle of the town, we can observe fine architectural buildings of yesteryears, and places of historic significance including the Royal Palace of the Sultan of Pahang.

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Sungai Lembing Museum on the hill

The Pahang Sungai Lembing Museum was set up to remember the glory days of Sungai Lembing town as the richest producer of tin when the country, Malaysia, was the largest producer in the world.

However, tin is no more an important ore in the world, having been replaced by plastics, alluminium and other cheaper synthetic resources for what were previously its end products, like tins and containers for foods and drinks.

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Well, visit these museums of pahang and learn more on the delightful and enchanting history of the state.

As always, from me ...


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