The Special Rice Dish of Kuala Lipis

nasi kebuli rice dishnasi kebuli rice dish

Nasi Kebuli is the special rice dish of Kampung Jeram Landak, a quaint kampung in the Kuala Lipis District of Pahang.

This special rice dish can also be found and is also popular with the surrounding villages of Budu, Jelai, Tanjung Besar and Kampung Hulu and Kuala Medang, all in the district of Kuala Lipis.


Well, this traditional dish of the local Malays is actually rice cooked with coconut oil and mixed with chicken. Sometimes lamb or mutton is used instead of chicken as the meat ingredient for this traditional food.

Other ingredients in this traditional dish include raisins, onions, clovers, olives, and lemon grass, giving the aromatic smell that inevitably creates hunger pangs from afar.

To the chefs out there, check out the recipe here, but make sure you strictly observe the beliefs of the town folks as mentioned below.

picture of nasi kebuli and complementary dishesnasi kebuli and complementary dishes


According to the beliefs of old town folks (especially the womenfolks who cook them very often), when cooking this traditional dish, it is vital that the cooks ensure that the ingredients are mixed in the right proportion and follow strictly according to the recipe.

And more importantly, besides the correct proportion of the ingredients, the cook or cooks must be properly dressed in clean and decent attire!! This, local folks say, is to ensure that when cooked, the rice or dish will not turn out to be tasteless and aroma-less! 


Normally, this tasty and delicious rice dish is served during traditional occasions like weddings, Maulidur Rasul celebrations and the opening or cleansing of a silat ground.

This special rice dish is also served during the traditional Malay ceremonies of trimming the first hairs of the baby (known as cukur jambul), completion of Quran reading, and other traditional customs.

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Nasi Kebuli is a special rice dish and not often served unless the occasion is special.

So do try them whenever you’re in Kuala Lipis , the fascinating past capital of the state of Pahang.

As always, from me..


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