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jetty houses at nenasi, pahangjetty houses at nenasi
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Nenasi, a small river town by the sea, is still one of those quaint and quiet fishing villages that artists love to paint, and panoramic photographers love to capture.

house at the fishing villagewooden house at the fishing village

It is where both the blue sea and the placid river exude tranquility and peacefulness, ideal for the easy-goers and lovers of lazing around. 

In the district of Pekan, it is located about midway between Pekan town and Kuala Rompin.

It is about an hour's drive (90 kilometers) south from Kuantan, the capital of Pahang. 

You will definitely pass through this tranquil village town to get to Pulau Tioman from the Mersing jetty in Johore, or to go to Singapore using the coastal road from Kuantan.

In fact on a few occasions, the world-class international bicycle race of Tour de' Langkawi includes a competitive stretch from Kuantan or Pekan to Kuala Rompin and Mersing that pass through this quiet town.

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nenasi fishing village in pahangnenasi fishing village
fishing boats at the riverfishing boats at the nenasi river

Adventure Fishing And Angling

Like Kuala Rompin further south, where the Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge is held annually around August, Nenasi is also a popular spot for fishing and angling activities.

fishing on the beachfishing on the beach

For keen fishing enthusiasts especially, the sea near Nenasi is teemed with variety of fishes, and during certain times of the year with squids ("sotong" in Malay) and prawns.

Fishes that are regularly found in the sea there include the tenggiri, ebek, red grouper, barracuda and reef fishes like kerapu, kerisi, jemuduk and haruan tasik.

For those who wish to buy fresh sea produce, the best time to find the best selection or their desired fish is when the big fishing boats return in the evenings with their bountiful haul from the surrounding sea.

Fresh Pineapples

When I was small we had relatives living in the village. My family never visited them because in those days (in the 1960's) the single road condition and transportation were difficult compared to now.

But the thing is that whenever someone mentioned Nenasi, I always imagined that the town or village must have plenty of "nenas" (or pineapples). Of course it is one of my favorite fruits, especially the sweet and juicy ones, the "nenas madu" or honey pineapple.

wooden stands along the road at nenasiwooden stands selling produce along the road

If you visit Nenasi now, you can in fact get fresh pineapples and pineapple jams, that are sold by the locals at wooden stands along the roadsides. They are usually available during the months of June , July and August, before the onset of the monsoon.

The pineapples that are sold can be considered comparatively cheap, and they are fresh and sweet tasting. I have bought many of the fruit there during my occasional trips south to Rompin and Tioman.

Although I like to take pineapples freshly cut, my wife will use them for making the paceri nenas dish, eaten with rice and other dishes.

Whereas the sweet tasting pineapple jams are eaten with bread, or used as ingredients for jam tarts that my daughter loves to bake.

Swiftlets and Bird's Nest Industry

Being located near the sea and river, the isolated areas around Nenasi seem to be suitable for the bird-nests industry.

swiftlet apartments for bird's-nest products at nenasiswiftlet apartments for bird's-nest products

If you travel there you can now surely see proliferations of tall brick block of apartments that are meant for swiftlets rather that humans.

In fact recently I counted more than 15 of these swiftlets "apartments" along the way up to Kuala Rompin.

Since the birds-nest products fetches very good income for the entrepreneurs, hopefully this industry will not overwhelm or negatively impact the long-established fishing industry there.

Beaches Galore

The coastal road to Nenasi nearly parallels the beaches fronting the South China Sea. At certain stretches, you can see the sea from the road.

tourism malaysia postertourism malaysia poster

Beach frontage means that they make for nice spots for picnics and beach activities, for families and travellers.

So, just choose a spot where the sand is pure white, where you can actually feel the gentle sea breeze on your body, and where the coconut trees not only sway with the wind but provide shade and shelter from the sun.

And then just lay your mat on the sand, or pitch your tent, and relax. Cool.

But of course always be alert for unfavourable weather.

Nature As Your Surroundings

Nenasi is a small coastal village town that is ideal for those who love the sea -- for angling and for relaxation of tired minds.

It is perhaps especially made for those who love the village lifestyle -- quiet, peaceful, tranquil and most of all with the sea, river and beautiful nature all around. 

Visit Nenasi if that's you! 

As always, from me,


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