Pahang Arts Museum
(Muzium Seni Pahang)

Hey Art Lovers, Hop Over To This Museum! 

The Pahang Arts Museum (Muzium Seni Pahang) takes over the premises that once housed the Muzium Tokoh Pahang. 

It is located at Jalan Masjid, near the Kuantan mosque in the middle of the town, and across the town padang from Jalan Besar (main street), just a short walking distance from the Shahzan Inn hotel. 

The exhibits from Muzium Tokoh, which was a popular museum during its existence then, have been relocated to the state museum at Pekan (the Sultan Abu Bakar Museum) and they form part of the displays there.

As it is, the Pekan Museum had itself undergone a great facelift and rebranding exercise to reflect the rich heritage and history of the state of Pahang.

The Pahang Arts Museum is established to further enhance appreciation of the arts and related works, and of famed and renowned artists and celebrities.

To achieve this goal, the museum plans to exhibit and display works of art not only by those who are born or bred in Pahang but also by national artists, painters and sculptors.

For a certain duration of time, it will exhibit or portray new themes and/or works of different and new artists, genres and artistic specialties.

When it first opened in 2011, it started with an exhibition on the works of the famed Malaysian Indian classical dancer, Ramli Osman.

The art-works displayed featured various of his paintings and images of the classic Indian dances and dancing postures. 

Although Ramli is a Malay, he had learned the classical Indian dances and forms not only from learned and famous Indian dance teachers in Malaysia but also from top classical Indian dance gurus in India when he further advanced and refined his study of the dance arts there.

After that the museum then (from June to December 2011) held an exhibition on "Buka Panggung" Pameran Tradisi Pantai Timur, Tradisi dan Transformasi" -- which are displays of arts and sculpt-works on the various traditions and practices of folks in the east coast states of Peninsular Malaysia.

Displayed during that exhibition were paintings, images, forms and sculptures that depict traditional Malay life and culture in the old days.

These cultural aspects of life depicted in the artworks are still found today but they are rare, and can be seen rather occasionally, like silat, wayang kulit, and menora.

Other scenes shown are those traditional practices that are sometimes found in the rural kampungs but are now practiced by only a few of the older Malay folks.

Then followed the works of the top Malaysian cartoonist Lat, whose real name is Datuk (Dr.) Haji Mohd Nor bin Khalid. 

Born in 1951 in Kota Baharu, Perak, Datuk Lat's work has been immensely popular since the 1970's where he portrays the rites of passage of the Malays, and also other races, from his childhood days.

He not only describes his childhood experience in the rural areas of the kampung and the daily lives of people in the towns and urban areas, but he does so by painting them in a vivid albeit comical way.

His many cartoon books have also been translated into various languages and they are popular not only in Asia and Europe, but also in other countries. 

Together with Lat's exhibits, the works of the guest cartoonist for the exhibition, Aza, were also displayed.

Aza or Abdul Razak bin Sofhi, his real name, is also a famous cartoonist who hails from Pahang.

He himself has exhibited and displayed his artworks internationally, in countries such as Japan and Belgium.

Some Images Of Exhibits At The Museum 

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Art being universal in its form and nature, and appreciated by everyone irrespective of race or religion, the establishment of this Pahang Arts Museum in the state capital of Kuantan is a welcome addition especially to the artists, followers and enthusiasts of the arts and related artistic legacies and heritage of Pahang. 

So, to art lovers especially, don't forget to take a visit to this place when you're in Kuantan, and enjoy the exhibitions. 

As always, from me ......

***Selamat Datang***

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