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Pahang batik has been in existence for decades and has been part of the small cottage industry in the state. 

Although not as famous or popular as the batik of Terengganu and Kelantan, Pahang batik has, nevertheless, thrived as a small industry in the periphery of the fame and popularity of the Trengganu and Kelantan batik.

Batik has long been a fabric for traditional dress and costumes of the Malays, especially for the people in the east coast states of West Malaysia.

In fact, batik is quite normal dressing attire for these states of Kelantan and Trengganu, and also for the Pahang Malays near the borders of these states.

Especially in Kelantan and Terengganu, you can see folks wearing the batik shirts as well as the batik sarong not only in the villages or kampung, but also around town.

And do not be surprised that the batik sarong usually associated as women’s wear in the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia is actually normal sarong wear for the men in the east coast as well.

Products that are made from the batik cloth range from dresses, shirts, sarongs and headwear to table covers, bedcovers, handkerchiefs, etc., in fact anything which can be made from the batik cloth.


In Pahang, you can find a few batik makers in Kuantan and in the few small towns on the coastal road to Terengganu, suggesting the influence and tradition of the east coast states in Pahang batik making. 

Ramli Batik Signboard at its factory

One of the more popular and famed Pahang batik producer in Kuantan is RM Batik, founded by the late Ramli Malek, a renowned Pahang artist, batik designer and entrepreneur.

You can find the RM Batik small factory which is located at Tanah Putih, Kuantan, on the left side of the road just after the bridge over the Kuantan River, if you’re coming from Kuala Lumpur. 

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P.S. -- The late Ramli Malek was one of the notables depicted in the Pahang Heroes Museum (Muzium Tokoh Pahang) in Kuantan. He was one of the cultural personalities who contributed towards the advancement of Pahang batik in design and batik making.

Sadly, he died in his thirties while trying to help save two boys who were drowning at the Balok beach during bad weather. He was an active person who was a King Scout during his schooldays. 

End Of Side-Note  

In other parts of Pahang, you can also find small batik factories and handicraft centers along the way to Terengganu at Beserah, Cherating, Balok and Sungai Ular. At these places you can see how batik clothes are designed and made. You can also try putting the colors on the textile at some of the locations.

Increasing Popularity Of Malaysian Batik 

Through the efforts of Datin Paduka Seri Endon Mahmood, (late wife of Malaysia’s 5th Prime Minister, YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) the Malaysian batik world, including Pahang batik, has seen a surge in efforts to make it part of the glamorous scene in the international fashion world.

What used to be for local usage and wear is now being promoted and marketed onto the global platform with greater vigor. New fashion styles and designs were being adopted depicting Malaysian batik, and the new entrepreneurs of batik experiment on innovative use of batik on a variety of fabrics.

In fact the initial years’ results had shown commendable achievement and Malaysian batik and fashion styles have slowly but surely achieved international recognition.

New Creations And Uses 

Shoppers will now find greater varieties and will be dazzled by the bold batik designs of contemporary batik creations by local designers. You can find batik in brightly colored prints and also batik in natural tones and pastel shades.

New and contemporary designs of Malaysian batik ranged from sassy short, layered frocks to alluring free-flowing garments.

The elements of contemporary Malaysian batik including Pahang batik, are now incorporated in interior designs. Batik designs are used for seats and cushion covers, big and small, adding color and new concepts to interior living.

Furniture with modern batik designs and elements now makes for charming complements to interior design concepts. And batik colored fabrics add attractive abstract colors to curtains in the home, with the brightly colored batik fabrics adding liveliness to certain spaces and rooms.

Well, the uses of batik are limited only by the imagination.

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Pahang Batik-Making Traditions To Be Kept Alive 

Batik in Pahang and Malaysia generally has found new impetus and recognition with the strong support of the Malaysian government.

It should be so, as batik is an art form that has been part of the tradition of the Malays, especially of the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

And sustaining its growth and attractiveness will ensure that the beautiful art form of batik will not be lost for the future Malaysian generations.

Although batik is quite universal, you can find that Malaysian, including Pahang batik, differs from those produced in other parts of the world, and have its own unique and aesthetically different characteristics.

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