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Pahang golf courses and golf clubs can be found not only in the major towns but also in the smaller towns and rural locations spread all over the state.

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In Pahang and also in other states of Malaysia, we can find small golf courses and golf clubs in the nooks and crannies of various towns.

This is because during the British colonial time in Malaya, they set up golf courses everywhere to kill away their time, and apparently their home-sicknesses.

Well-known and top world golf course designers, like Ronald Fream and J Michael Poellot, have been appointed to design these Pahang golf courses. 

Pahang golf courses include the international championship standard 27-holes and 36-holes courses, where international and local competitions periodically take place. Some of the top Asian players regularly play in the tournaments. 

With their ingenuity, they have utilized the best features of the local environment whilst incorporating their own signature designs.

We can also find many other smaller Pahang golf courses or golf clubs with 9 holes and 18 holes, and they are to be found mostly in the state’s smaller towns and districts, and are usually managed by the respective District Offices.

Like all golf courses and golf clubs, competitions are regularly held by the respective golf club managements to create interests and to hone members’ golf skills, and to maintain a sense of camaraderie amongst the golf members. Competitions are also periodically held to attract those new ones who wish to take up the game.

back to the clubhouse after golfingback to the clubhouse after golfing

And these golf clubs also may have golf schools for youngsters or they conduct golf lessons regularly for those who wish to take up the game or improve their skills. Golf schools in Pahang are not many and normally new golfers take up lessons from the residential golf professionals in the clubs.

And of course, golf is not a game just for the men-folks. Lady golfers can be seen driving and putting away (and sweating too) on the golf courses of Pahang. They really light up the scene on the golf courses and add scintillating delights to the game.

Business visits cum golf vacations are common nowadays. Foreigners, especially the Japanese golfers, love to come for golf vacations and play at these Malaysian and Pahang golf courses for the relatively "cheap" green fees and comparatively no queuing for bookings and waiting time to play.

Normally for Pahang golf courses and clubs, it’s just "come to the golf clubs and play" approach, although it is expected that during weekends advance bookings must be made and there could be longer waiting time to start flights.

Well, golfers generally are fascinating people. Once a person takes up golf, they say, he becomes quite an addict to the game. He would skip office and sneak to a golf driving range during working hours, for instance, just to satiate his hunger to drive those magical little white golf balls, and of course trying to hone his driving and putting.

And I know a guy who normally cannot wake up early to go to the office, but he can surprisingly wake up in the wee hours of the morning, (when everyone else is still asleep), just to go to a golf course many kilometers away for a golf appointment with friends.

Well, those are characteristics of golfers, a different breed of humans, perhaps. But maybe I speak from experience, being the guy I described above! (..embarassed..)

Anyway, let’s continue... with the splendid Pahang golf courses and golf clubs you can drive and putt to your heart's delight.


Well, below you will find the list of the main Pahang golf courses where Malaysian and foreign golfers love to congregate and sweat themselves out, trying their best to drive the little golf balls into the small holes.


This golf club is located in the district of Pekan, Pahang, and is about an hour’s drive from Kuantan, with the championship standard golf course designed by the renowned International Management Group (IMG) from the USA.

nice day for golfing in pahangnice day for golfing

The course sprawls across 6647 meters or 7269 yards, and it is surrounded by scenic and breathtaking views of the golden sandy beaches and seashore fronting the South China Sea.

Bermuda Tifdwarf is used for the greens, while for the tee boxes and fairways, Sea Shore Paspalum is used.

You will find that each hole offers a different challenge, with the tiered greens and lateral water hazards requiring the best of the golfer’s skills.

The services and facilities available at this golf club include restaurants, putting green, chipping and bunker practice area, pro-shop, resident professional, changing rooms and function rooms.

Address: Lot 877, Kampung Kuala Pahang, 26690 Pekan, Bandar DiRaja, Pahang Darul Makmur. Tel: 609-425 1658 Fax: 609-425 1660


Awana Genting Highlands is just about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur via the Karak Highway, and about three hour’s drive from Kuantan.

Situated high up at about 3,100 feet above sea level at the Genting Highlands, the course, designed by the renowned Ronald Fream, offers players the experience of golfing in the clouds.

The international standard golf course features undulating terrain with bunkers, ponds and streams to provide the challenges to golfers seeking to break par. Of course, there are some holes that require a high demand on good golfing skills from the golfers, but generally it’s a course that is to be enjoyed by all levels of golfers.

The cool crisp air complemented with rather tranquil surroundings and atmosphere at the Awana Genting Highlands all add up to a memorable golfing experience to all visitors and golfers.

There is a three-tier driving range for golfers to practice their shots or for warming up. And of course, there are the putting green as well as chipping and bunker practice area to hone the golfer’s skills.

Cow-grass is used for the fairways, and Bent (a temperate climate variety) grass is used for the greens.

The services and facilities at the golf club include restaurants, driving range, putting green, chipping and bunker practice area, pro-shop, Resident Professional, changing rooms with jacuzzi and sauna, function rooms, swimming pool, and plenty of good accommodation.

Address: Km. 13, Genting Highlands, 69000 Pahang Darul Makmur. Tel: 603- 211 3015 Fax: 603-211 3535


bukit tinggi golf coursebukit tinggi golf course

Bukit Tinggi Golf and Country Club is about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur via the Karak Highway, and about three hours from Kuantan.

The golf course is set amidst the rolling green hills of Bukit Tinggi at 2,500 feet above sea level. Undoubtedly, the surroundings here are cool and tranquil with fresh mountain air filling the atmosphere, very conducive to good golf plays.

The course was designed by J Michael Poellot Golf Design Group. The design is superb and you will find plenty of hazards to challenge you along the course. Accurate use of clubs is required at this course since the greens and fairways are rolling.

Well, the course is a bit tricky if you play it the first time, but it gets enjoyable once you've mastered it. The most challenging hole is perhaps at the 18th where accuracy of shots is definitely required from the golfer.

Bermuda Tifdwarf is used for the greens and Greenlees Park is used for the fairways and tee boxes.

The services and facilities available at this golf club include restaurants, driving range, putting green, chipping and bunker practice area, pro-shop, resident professional, changing rooms with Jacuzzi and sauna, function rooms, swimming pool and accommodations.

Address: Km. 48, Persimpangan Bertingkat Lebuhraya Karak, 28750 Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang Darul Makmur. Tel: 609-288 8890 Fax: 609-2888832


The following are some of the Pahang golf courses and golf clubs located in other districts: -

Cameron Highlands Golf Club

Address: 39000 Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang Darul Makmur. Tel: 605-491 1126 Fax: 605- 491 1728 (district office), Designer: Town Council Cameron Highlands, Description: 18 holes, 6106m, par 71

Fraser’s Hill Golf Club

Address: Jalan Jeriau, 49000 Fraser’s Hill, Pahang Darul Makmur. Tel:609-362 2277 Fax: 609- 362 2000 Designer : Rodger Davies Description: 18 holes, 4897m, par 70

Lanjut Golf & Beach Resort

Address: Kampong Lanjut, 26800 Rompin, Pahang Darul Makmur. Tel: 609-414 5113 Fax: 609-414 5112 Designer: Lu Liang Huang Description: 18 holes, 6101m, par 72

Royal Pahang Golf Club

Address: Jalan Padang Golf, 25250 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur. Tel: 609-567 5811 Fax: 609-567 1170 Designer: Jimmy Fah Description: 18 holes, 6276m, par 72

Selesa Hillhomes, Health Farm Golf Resort

Address: 28750 Bukit Tinggi, Bentong, Pahang Darul Makmur. Tel: 609-233 0072 Fax: 609-233 0066 Designer: Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Abdul Majid bin Ismail Description: 18 holes, 5770m, par 72


The above information, including the green fees and other fees stated, may change from time to time.

Do check with the respective golf clubs before you come. There may be other fees and club stipulations imposed.

When you play on these Pahang golf courses, do not forget to watch the spectacular landscape and sceneries, especially the rolling mountains, the towering rainforests, or the golden sandy seashores, surrounding the courses.

It adds soothingly to the enjoyment of your golf game. 

Well, I do hope you’ve enjoyed driving and putting in the various Pahang golf courses and golf clubs. And do come often for a golf vacation at these golf clubs. 

If you want to know about other pleasures and adventures in the delightful state of Pahang, click the NavBar of your choice in this Web site.

And as always, from me...


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