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lake at taman pertanian in kuantanlake at taman pertanian

Kuantan recreational parks are situated at various locations and spots that are within easy reach of the city–dwellers. 

The Kuantan Town Council (Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan or MPK) has put in place several recreational parks for the rapidly increasing town-dwellers and surrounding villagers to relax their minds and have fun. After all a delightful town must have delightful places to enjoy.

And of course, all work and no play makes for boring citizens. 


lilies at taman gelora in kuantanlilies at taman gelora

Football (soccer) is of course the favorite sports game, as elsewhere in the world, and Kuantan town itself has several high standard football fields and a big stadium (Stadium Darul Makmur).

However other favorite indoor and outdoor sports are not forgotten and facilities for sports such as swimming, badminton, bowling, tennis, golf, squash, sepak takraw, field hockey, woodball, athletics and others are also available in Kuantan.

The Kuantan recreational parks are meant not only for the young children but also for the old. Taman Teruntum, Taman Bandar, Taman Gelora, Taman Esplanade, and Taman Pertanian are some of the more popular and exciting Kuantan recreational parks and public gardens where locals and foreign visitors can enjoy and relax when in Kuantan.

(P.S. "Taman" is "Park" or "Garden" in Malay.)

In this webpage I will take you to Taman Gelora (my favorite park) and Taman Teruntum.


taman gelora signboard at laketaman gelora signboard

Taman Gelora (" Gelora Park or Garden") is about 3 km from Kuantan town and is located about 1 km from Teluk Chempedak. 

It faces the South China Sea.

A great recreational location, it has facilities for jogging, bicycling, and also contains tennis and volleyball courts, soccer field (a Malaysian Football Academy is located there), and playing grounds for children.

Nearby you’ll find the State's Guest House, which was formerly a "Istana Hinggap"-- one of the palaces of the Sultan of Pahang. You can also see the residences of the top state government servants there, and a Rumah Tamu MPK where you can sometimes see a Malay wedding reception held there.  

Further up along the main road and adjacent to Taman Gelora you’ll see the golfers avidly playing at the Royal Pahang Golf Club, and the residence of the Menteri Besar or Chief Minister of Pahang, and then it’s the way up the road to Teluk Chempedak beach.

Recreation Space for the Body and Mind

Taman Gelora is really great for an outing, individually or with your family.

Just take or borrow a bicycle and pedal across the bicycle tracks specially created all over the grounds.

hibiscus garden at taman gelora, kuantanhibiscus garden

Or put on your jogging or strolling shoes and just stroll round and round the lake full of water lilies and lotus flowers and try to enjoy yourself.

There's also an hibiscus garden ("Laman bunga raya") with different colored hibiscus plants and flowers and a colorful flower fountain.

And try walking on the short stretch of hanging bridge across the small lake to test your mettle – it’s a cinch.

For the children, play the see-saw, climb the intertwining iron bars, or slide down the slide plank.

Or just kick a football, or join the vociferous volleyball players at the sandy court near the beach.

Just a short sidebar

casuarina trees at taman geloracasuarina trees shade the jogging tracks

You know, during my bachelor days, I used to live at the housing estate nearby (you can see it from the lake ) and every evening after work I would put on my jogging shoes, then take a slow or fast jog -- according to my fancy -- along the sandy beach and under the swaying casuarinas and coconut trees.

paved jog track at taman gelorapaved jogging tracks

That’s to sweat it out and keep healthy, and to relax my mind from the stresses of work, while taking time to watch the flora, the butterflies and the birds... and of course the sweet young girls ... along the way.

I normally jogged from Taman Gelora right up to Teluk Chempedak... that’s about 2-3 kilometers... Well, of course I should stress again, it was during my younger days! But it was a heck of a fun time during my life.

fishing boat at kuantan rivermouthfishing boat at rivermouth

So, you too can put on your jogging shoes and just jog along the beach, and under the trees. Or if that’s too tough for you, take a ride on a bicycle. And in no time you’ll reach Tanjung Tembeling and even Teluk Chempedak.

Along the way, take on the scene, and just marvel at nature, or watch the fisherman fishing out at sea on his boat, alone... (something like Ernest Hemingway’s "Old Man and the Sea")... and watch him slowly bringing back his catch from the blissful sea...

view of the sea at taman geloraview of the sea from taman gelora

But most of all, it’s feeling the cool sea breeze under the sway of the tall casuarina trees.. and looking out to the stretch of white sandy beach out to sea... and listening to the invigorating sounds of the birds on the trees -- those sensations will surely ease your mind, and will relax and rejuvenate you.

And Experience the Food

roti canai and teh tarikroti canai and teh tarik

… And then whenever you’re feeling thirsty and hot, just try the sweet Malaysian cendol drink of coconut milk and ice, or ask for ABC ("Air Batu Campur" –- a sweet iced drink garnished with sweet beans, corns and grounded nuts), available at the various stalls at this very popular Kuantan recreational park.

If you prefer, just ask for plain tea or coffee with ice (say "teh beng" for iced tea, or "kopi beng" for iced coffee). Or just buy Coke or Pepsi or any of the aerated soft drinks you fancy. 

And if you feel hungry, try the Malaysian mee (noodles) with curry or fried, or ask for other variety and combination of cooked mee. You can also ask for roti canai, a light crispy pancake made from wheat flour and cooked on a griddle. Try it with a cup of "teh tarik" - tea pulled from one mug to another to give it a smoother flavor ( sometimes called "bubble tea"). 

nasi goreng ayamnasi goreng ayam

But if you are really hungry..ah..hah.. try the Malaysian nasi lemak (traditional steamed coconut rice with anchovies, boiled egg, cucumber, and sometimes with chicken, cockles, and prawns… and usually eaten with a hot chilly sauce or "sambal tumis" -- that’s the reason for the cucumber -- to cool the spicy taste!).

Or you can take the plain fried rice with chilly and anchovies served with chicken fried egg and sambal. Simple plain mixed rice with chicken, beef, prawns or other foods are also available there.

If you’re not feeling in the mood to eat Malaysian... then just ask for plain sandwich or chicken or beef burger.

Food and drink prices are always put on notice -- in Malaysia, it is a requirement -- and a good snack will average about RM8.00 per person.

Well, hope you've enjoyed this Kuantan recreational park by the sea.



taman teruntum mini zoomini zoo at taman teruntum

This popular Kuantan recreational park is located just before you go uphill on the road to Teluk Chempedak and opposite the Royal Kuantan Golf Club.

Children will enjoy coming to this Park as there is a playground with swings, see-saws, rocking boats and climbing bars. They can also go horse-riding on the western side of the Park. And watch the fishes in the water under the many small bridges.

There used to be a small go-kart circuit for children at the eastern end of this Kuantan recreational park. My children loved to ride the go-karts then and always spent time driving there.

Now however, the go-kart has been replaced with mini motor-bikes for children.

ostrich at taman teruntum

Among the tree tops up the hill you can see many monkeys in the wild. Do, however, watch out for them. They sometimes come down in groups and roam among the visitors and may suddenly snatch food in the hands of children and adults.

So watch your handbags or other precious items. These monkeys are just monkeys and can’t tell the difference between food and precious items like jewellery.

In this Park, there is also a mini zoo, with a few animals. There is a small sun bear, porcupines, ostriches, varieties of birds and peacocks, cattle, tortoises, and others.

macaque with babymacaque with baby

I used to climb up one of the wooden tree houses on those huge trees up the hill. I remember there were three or four wooden tree-houses there. I used to go up to the tree-houses with my house-mates, sit and lie there for hours, reading books or just laze or sleep. Nobody will care about you there. It’s like you’re part of nature.

I would just climb up and watch the panorama, and catch the wind blowing in my face... ahh.. those younger days...But alas, those tree-houses are now no more, replaced by cages for animals.

And after the long walk, there are food stalls near the exit gates selling light food and snacks (try the local fish crackers - keropok lekur) and juicy drinks to quench your thirst.

Well, I will take you to other Kuantan recreational parks by and by. In the meantime if you wish to visit them, their locations are as follows:


taman bandar laketaman bandar lake

This Kuantan recreational park is located at the Jalan Kuantan - Sungai Lembing. This big park is a great addition to the Kuantan recreational parks, and is getting popular day by day.

There is a lake in the middle and essentially a very good playground for children. Take a walk or jog along the track round the lake.

There are a variety of sports facilities there, including a world standard woodball course for training and competition. Pick up the game if you haven't tried yet. It is similar to golf and croquette. 

Read more in this webpage on Taman Bandar.

TAMAN PERTANIAN (Agricultural Park)

taman pertaniantaman pertanian

This Kuantan recreational park is located at the Kuantan-Kuala Terengganu Bypass.

This is an agricultural and horticultural garden and nursery with camping facilities. Here many varieties of local plants, flowers, fruit trees and a typical rainforest can be found.

For more information, see this webpage on Taman Pertanian Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah in Kuantan.


kuantan esplanade beside the riverkuantan esplanade

This rather small recreational park is located along the Kuantan River in town. In the evening, the place will be crowded with city-dwellers and kampong folks lazing around, and you can find children (and adults!) playing the swings there.

Take a walk at the esplanade along the river, and watch the activities there.

Read more on Taman Esplanade.

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Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed the trips to the Kuantan recreational parks.

And if you are game for other adventures and pleasures in the delightful state of Pahang, click the NavBar of your choice.

And as always, from me ...


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