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"Can't find my favorite radio channels in Pahang", lamented a Pahang-Delights surfer to me recently via e-mail.

And my own children also seemed to have difficulty finding the frequencies of their favorite radio stations in the car when we travel around in the state.

Well, there is no mistaking that we all have our own preferred channels, our own favourite deejays and popular programs we wish to listen to. 

And I know that there are lots of fans of radio era out there who really can't do without listening to Aznil Nawawi, Linda Onn, Kieran, Salleh Yaacob, Nana or Reza for a day.

And fans of deejays Faizal and Fara Fauzana of too; you must catch up with the latest stories and gossips on local and international celebrities, right?

So to all you die-hard radio listeners out there, and foreign visitors to this east coast state, I am pleased to list the radio waves and stations, and their frequencies (in kilohertz), below.

Copy and keep them if you wish when you travel to this delightful state in Malaysia.

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ChannelMain LanguageFrequency
Pahang fm Bahasa Malaysia104.1
nasional fm bahasa malaysia 107.1
988 Chinese 90.4
red English 91.6 Bahasa Malaysia 96.1 English 93.2 English 94.1 English 104.7
era Bahasa Malaysia 98.0
my Chinese 90.0
best 104 English 102.5 (south Pahang) English 92.4 English 90.3 / 100.1 (west Pahang) / 105.3 (Pahang / Kuantan) Bahasa Malaysia 95.3 (central Pahang)
klasik nasional Bahasa Malaysia 98.3 (west Pahang) / 107.1 (Pahang/Kuantan) Chinese 106.7 (west Pahang) / 106.1 (Pahang / Kuantan) Indian 96.3 (central Pahang) / 103.3 (Pahang / Kuantan) Bahasa Malaysia 89.6
xfresh Bahasa Malaysia 100.0 Bahasa Malaysia 97.2

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If you are a teenager or young at heart, make sure you turn the knob or push the button to Xfresh radio and listen to the voice of Adi Fashla, and move and sway your body to the invigorating music of the latest hip-hop or swanky music!

Nostalgic songs of yesteryears and evergreens from early Malay singers like the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee and Saloma, R. Azmi, Aziz Jaafar, Datin Rafeah Buang, Sudirman  and many others -- they can be heard on klasik nasional radio.

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If you are a Muslim, preferring to listen to serene and calming religious and nasheed songs, and the melodious readings of verses and surahs from the Al-Quran, then is the right radio channel for you.

Me? Well, I prefer to listen to a variety of radio stations, and all kinds of songs.

But most of the time, when in Kuantan or elsewhere in the state, I will change to the broadcast, and listen to the sometimes deep Pahang dialect spoken on air.

And among the deejays, I especially like to listen to Hedzry and his fast responses to listeners conversations and requests. 

Ah well, hope you enjoy listening to the various radio stations in Pahang.

And, hey, have you heard the latest song from the Pahang-born diva Datin Seri Siti Nurhaliza? Well, switch on the radio now!

As always, from me ....


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