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silat show at Malay weddingsilat show at Malay wedding

The silat videos you will see here are just a short glimpse of the potent and lethal moves of the Malay silat as a self-defence martial arts form.

Silat Gayung Malaysia, Silat Gayung Fatani and Silat Cekak Hanafi are three of the biggest silat associations in the state of Pahang and Malaysia, with several thousand members.

During traditional Malay weddings, however, the more subtle form known as silat pulut is usually performed, normally by one or two exponents.

Silat Gayung Malaysia

This is the biggest silat association in Malaysia. In this video, you will see a demonstration of the use of the deadly Malay weapon - keris - during a fight, showcasing the attacking and defence moves.

This demonstration of a silat duel between two exponents was carried out during a wedding reception.

Watch the moves, and enjoy.

Silat Sembah Gayung

The next silat video is that of the Silat Sembah Gayung. You will see that this is actually the first (the sembah) or opening ritual or dance of the silat.

There are many forms of the "bunga" and "buah" (or "flower" and "fruit") of the silat and this is but one form or style in the opening stage. The higher stages will feature more sophisticated movements.

Here is the usual form for Malay weddings and social occasions:

Just watch and observe how beautiful the dance of the silat warrior, but do be aware that the movements are potent and dangerous to opponents.

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Silat Cekak Hanafi

Silat Cekak Hanafi is a different sort of Malay self-defence in that the stance of the exponent is just a straight standing or normal standing posture.

So enemies or opponents should really beware, because they can’t tell or may not be aware that the other is a Silat Cekak Hanafi exponent as he stands rather normally.

But once attacked, the defence movement will be fast and lethal.

The silat Cekak Hanafi self-defence movement is very easy and straightforward, ending fights in just two or three lethal moves.

The silat Cekak Hanafi defence actually becomes an offence once the opponent starts his attack. This silat waits for the opponents to come or move before ending them as quickly as possible.

And the protection or defence of one’s body is from the top (i.e. face) until the bottom.

The deadly weapon of silat Cekak Hanafi is the "lading". It is used only in self-defence and not for attacking purpose.

Well, I hope you now know and have learnt something about the physical side of silat, the Malay art of self-defence. Awesome, isn't it?


And as always, from me ...


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