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Well, I hope you've read the interesting story of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, the Malaysian songstress extraordinaire, in the previous webpage.

In this web page, you'll find some of the numerous awards she received early in her career, spanning more than ten years of her involvement in the Malaysian music scene.


Siti Nurhaliza with her awards

Here’s a list of Datuk Siti's albums produced during her early singing career, and the albums include duet and compilations.

Her songs are of course very popular on the radio channels in Pahang and Malaysia. The songs in her albums varies from traditional Malay, pop rock, R & B, to ballads and other contemporary genres: -

  • Siti Nurhaliza
  • Siti Nurhaliza II
  • Cindai
  • Adiwarna
  • Pancawarna
  • Sahmura
  • Safa
  • The Best Of Siti Nurhaliza
  • Sanggar Mustika
  • Emas
  • Anugerah Aidilfitri
  • Prasasti Seni
  • Untukmu Sudir (special concert in memory of Sudirman)
  • Transkripsi
  • Cerita Cinta
  • Hadiah Daripada Siti 


Siti's career took a big lift after she won the Bintang HMI singing contest organised by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) in 1995. Together with songs composed by the famed Malaysian composer, Adnan Abu Hassan, she produced her first album, Siti Nurhaliza.

Siti Nurhaliza with her awards

And her song in that album -- Jerat Percintaan -- won her for the first time, the Anugerah Juara Lagu ("AJL") in 1996.

The song, composed by Adnan Abu Hassan, won in two categories, namely, the Ballad category and the Best Song category. Siti herself bagged the Best Performer award for her singing performance during the Awards night.

After Jerat Percintaan in 1996, Siti Nurhaliza next won the AJL in 1997 with Aku Cinta Padamu (ballad) and the best Performance award.

In 1998 she won with Cindai (Irama Malaysia) as well as being the overall champion. In 1999 she won with the song Purnama Merindu (ballad) and Hati Kama (Irama Malaysia). 

In year 2000 her song Balqis won in the Irama Malaysia and Overall champion categories, with Kau Kekasihku in the ballad category.

In 2001 she was Best Performer with Ya Maulai and Engkau Bagaikan Permata (Best Pop Rock).

And in year 2002 her song Nirmala won the Irama Malaysia category.

In year 2003 she was best Performer for the song Ku Milikmu.

She made a decision in 2004 to decline future nominations in the AJL starting that year as she had won in the AJL every year since 1996. Folks were beginning to expect her to win awards and she humbly decided to let others win.

Besides the Anugerah Juara Lagu, Siti Norhaliza had also won 7 times the annual Bintang Paling Popular (Most Popular Star) award. This award is organised by the Malaysian daily newspaper, Berita Harian and the winner is selected by its readers through nominations and votes.

With the win in 2007, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza has won the award every year, consecutively, since its inauguration.


Siti Nurhaliza with more awards

Siti Nurhaliza has been winning the Music Planet Awards since 2001.

At the annual Music Planet Awards held on the 24th March 2006 in Singapore, she won for the sixth successive time (2001 – 2006), the Most Popular Female Star award.

Music Planet Awards is to acknowledge the music industry performers, i.e., singers, bands, musicians, lyricists and composers, and is a platform for three countries combined, namely Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.


Siti Norhaliza had also won the MTV Asia award for Malaysia Favorite Artiste category for four consecutive years from 2002 till 2005 but lost to the Academy Fantasia 3 winner, Mawi, for the 2006 award.


Internationally, in 1999, she won the Best Female Vocal Performance at the Asia Pacific Song Competition in Australia.

Also in 1999 she was the Gold Winner with the song Purnama Merindu at the Shanghai Music Festival in China.

In 2000 she was the Most Lucrative Foreign Artiste at the Anugerah Muzik in Indonesia.

In 2002 she was the Grand Prix winner at the Voice of Asia 2002 in Kazakhstan.

Besides the entertainment awards, Datok Siti Nurhaliza has also received country and state awards and decorations.

She was conferred the Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) award, which carries the title of Datuk, from HRH the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah, on the occasion of HRH's birthday on the 24th of October, 2006.

Siti was previously bestowed the Ahli Ahmad Shah Pahang (AAP) from the Sultan of Pahang, the Darjah Paduka Mahkota Perak (PMP) from the Sultan of Perak, and the Johan Setia Mahkota (JSM) from DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agong (King of Malaysia).

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Well, no wonder then that Siti Nurhaliza, born in Temerloh, but resident in Kuala Lipis, was awarded the Guinness Book of Records listing in 2001 for the Malaysian artiste with the most number of awards received.

But that was for a total of 52 awards in 2001. Since then, she has more than doubled the number of awards received.

And there are many other awards and recognition this Malaysian diva and pop icon has won, but are too many for my tired hands to list.

I hope the above suffice to understand the range of awards Datuk Siti Nurhaliza has managed to win in the past.

As always, from me...


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