Taman Bandar Kuantan 

the lake in the parklake in the park
trees to cool you bycooling trees and jogging pavement

Taman Bandar ("Town Garden" or "Town Park") in Kuantan, Pahang, is located at the Jalan Kuantan - Sungai Lembing, in the vicinity of the residential areas of Bandar Indera Mahkota.

This addition to the recreational parks of Kuantan is situated inland, unlike Taman Teruntum, Taman Gelora and  Taman Esplanade, which are all located near the sea and the Kuantan river.

Instead of the sea or the river, Taman Bandar has a lake in the middle of the park, where fishes are bred. In fact there is a controlled program where fish fries are released into the lake for breeding.

So do take note that fishing is strictly not allowed at the lake in this park, perhaps until such time when the fishes are plentiful and big enough.

Being located inland, with a size of more than 3 hectares, Taman Bandar is a popular choice for those folks living at Bandar Indera Mahkota and surrounding residential estates, and for those Kuantan folks who prefer scenes away from beaches and the sea.

taman bandar view from the restaurantview from the restaurant
a place to rest and relaxrest and relax station

Jogging Track And Children's Playground

Around the big lake in the middle of the park, there is paved jogging track which makes for a very popular running and jogging area for exercise buffs, especially in the evenings and week-ends.

I also saw a young child cycling on a small bicycle round the lake, following his family, although I’m not sure cycling on big bicycles on the paved track by adults are allowed.

the children's playground at taman bandarchildren's playground

Besides jogging, running and walking, other exercises for good physical health, such as aerobics, are sometimes organized by the town council and private entities and clubs. They are held during the week-ends for the town folks.

It is a good way to inculcate the importance of exercise to the young children when they see adults and old folks doing aerobics, jogging and walking round the lake to sweat out.

There is also a children’s playground and facilities such as swings, see-saws and slides. Those with children can let them play about at the playground and just sit down and watch them from afar.

Obviously children will love to be in this park. They will burn their boundless energy without adults telling them to do so.

the woodball course at taman bandarwoodball course
the kuantan woodball clubhouse at taman bandarkuantan woodball club-house

Wood-ball Course

There is a Wood-ball course here and the Pahang Woodball Association uses the course for training of players as well as one of the locations for local and national tournaments.

The Kuantan District Woodball Association has its clubhouse here, and the wooden structure is the focal point of meetings and tournaments and friendly games on woodball.

Local tournaments, friendly games as well as bigger tournaments are regularly arranged and held at this course. You can sometimes see woodball enthusiasts playing there, and it is no coincident that Pahang woodball players are some of the best in Malaysia, if not the world.

Read more on Pahang Woodball here.


the restaurant in the parkpark restaurant

You will find a restaurant at the right end of the park and it is a great place to rest anytime you feel thirsty or hungry after a good jog or Woodball game.

The restaurant caters a variety of local dishes, snacks and food, including sandwiches and western offerings such as burgers and steaks.

Bird-Watching And Nature Photography

white-breasted kingfisher

This park, with a lake surrounded by many varieties of plants and trees, naturally attracts small animals, like squirrels, and birds of many species. 

Bird-watching and photography will be pleasant and worthwhile there.

Besides the resident birds, such as the white breasted waterhen, lineated barbets, pied trillers, white-bellied sea eagle and many others, you can sometimes watch glimpses of non-resident birds there.

little egretlittle egret at the lake

Sometimes there would be great and little egrets, chinese pond herons and common kingfishers, and pink-necked green pigeons, normally during the migratory season of birds from the winter areas. 

For butterfly and dragonfly enthusiasts, of course there are many species there to see and photograph. Just take a walk around the lake. 

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Like the other recreational parks in Kuantan, this place is also a good location to unwind if one is feeling stressful.

playground seats for tired joggersseats for tired joggers, daddies and mommies

Just sit on the many benches around the lake, take in the scene and just relax your body and mind.

So whenever you’re in Kuantan, Pahang and wish to do some jogging or walking, or just to relax, come to Taman Bandar and make yourself comfy.

As always, from me…


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