Taman Pertanian 
Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah

the serene lake at taman pertanian in kuantanlake at taman pertanian

Taman Pertanian Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah is located at the Kuantan-Kuala Terengganu Bypass, and is about 3 kilometers from Kuantan town center.

This is an agricultural and horticultural garden or park. It was opened in conjunction with the Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Sultan of Pahang.

entrance to the lake in the park

In this park, you can find many varieties of local plants, flowers and trees which are found in Pahang and Malaysia.

With the plants and trees tagged with their usual name as well as their scientific name, it makes for an enjoyable stroll while being educated on plants and trees.

Besides browsing and identifying them, you can also buy flowers and potted plants to take back and beautify your home. 

The office reception of this Taman Pertanian is at the entrance of the park and you can make enquiries there before you set out further inside.

An Ideal Place For Recreation And Fun

taman pertanian entrance

Taman Pertanian Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah is not just a park or garden filled with all kinds of tropical plants and trees but is also a nice place for recreational activities.

Take a walk round the park, and if you have children, bring them along for an educational tour.

And relax your mind in the surroundings of green trees and foliage.

function rooms at taman pertanian kuantan

During week-ends and school holidays, the place can get fully booked. Recreational activities involving schoolchildren include camping at the camping grounds and facility available there.

With function and seminar rooms, it is an ideal location for motivation seminars and school holiday camps, within an oxygen-filled tropical forest environment.

Taman Pertanian Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah in Kuantan is really an appropriate and suitable place for schoolchildren and adults to learn, identify and recognise various species of jungle and tropical fruit trees that are found extensively in the forests of Pahang and Malaysia.

Variety Of Tropical Plants And Trees 

the tropical forests at taman pertanian kuantan

As an agricultural park, many trees endemic to the forests of Pahang can be found there, as the park contains a typical tropical rain forest area, with huge trees.

I also saw many types and varieties of  local fruit trees there. A tree seldom seen and one I won’t recognize if I saw one without the tag, is the durian belanda or soursop tree.

When you go round the park, you can see durian, mangosteen, rambutan, langsat, guava and other local fruit trees.

plot of herbal and medicinal plants

And for some of you who don’t know how the famous or popular local aphrodisiac plants like "tongkat ali" and the "kacip fatimah" look like, well, there’s also a special, small plot where these local herbal and other medicinal plants are grown.

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Birds, Insects and Mammals

Besides the varieties of flora found there, nature lovers can also find many species of birds, mammals and insects that make the place their home.

The tropical trees and the lake combine to make the place attractive to many species of birds, butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies, fishes and mammals, such as squirrels, monkeys and even wild pigs and snakes. 

So don't forget to take a visit to Taman Pertanian Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, and educate yourself on the flora and fauna of Pahang and Malaysia whenever you’re in Kuantan.

As one of the recreational parks in Kuantan it’s a great place to learn about the tropical forests, fruit trees and plants of the country.

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