Thank you SO much. Thank you ALL for visiting and surfing Pahang-Delights.

I do hope you've enjoyed the adventures and pleasures in this Web site.

And I have to tell you I'm completely overwhelmed... and simply awed.

Well, actually amazed, that day by day, visitors to Pahang-Delights keep increasing.

How did I do it?

NO SECRETS... must let you all know. After all, by visiting, you’ve made this site grow beyond my dreams.

Well, let’s start from the beginning. And do follow me till the end -- the secrets (sort of) are found there. 

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First, a confession: Before owning my own website, I was a complete ignoramus on how to build a website.

me and my dear wife, in traditional Malay costumes

I knew nothing, nil, zero, nada, kosong (Malay), ilek (that’s Tamil, I think) about developing a web site. The only Java I know is the Indonesian island.

And about the only thing I am excellent at concerning the internet is surfing them. That’s all. 

"If you don’t know, find out," my dear wife said.

So, to be in the "know", and definitely itching to join the craze on internet business, I then paid to attend a local seminar on the subject, which included a session on how to sell in the internet.

Well, after attending the seminar, I understood a bit more about the web business. And I got a few free templates for a webpage. But I still didn’t "get it" –- on how to practically get my website published and have it on show to the whole wide world.

I like self-portraits

So rather than waste further money attending seminars and courses, I searched (where else, but) the internet, looking for answers.

And after lots of surfing (which I do very well... no shame at all ) I came across the Site Build It! ("SBI") website.

After scouring the SBI site a few times and comparing the results of SBI against others, I finally decided.

I signed up with SBI! Well, just to try and see whether it works. After all, it is risk-free, and they will refund my money if I’m not satisfied.


"Your site should be in the English language," my dear wife advised.

I agreed. It will keep things easy in case I need assistance from SBI.

But then English is not my mother-tongue, which is Malay (or Bahasa Malaysia). Initially this gave me the creeps - my English is just passable, and correct grammar is a constant problem.

And my verbosity – really not good for the internet surfers, people (the net users) say.

However I feel comforted by the messages I read (almost daily) in the really amazing SBI forums and the advice from the great internet man himself, Dr. Ken Evoy, the creator of SBI! and Sitesell, the company.

The message (if I may be allowed to interprete it my way) in short, says, "Do it in your own unique voice". Which of course I take to mean that my readers and surfers should please excuse my English, especially my grammar and my verbosity.

Perhaps, it’s because the thinking is in Malay, and then trying to write and communicate in English. It’s called Malay English sometimes -- Malay mindset reproduced in English. But then, it’s just me, my own Malay voice.

So, to continue ...

Using all the tools available within SBI, and after reading the Action Guides and using the powerful Brainstormer tool, I finally concluded that I must really write about Pahang ("my kampung" as Malaysians would say of their birthplaces).

So right after obtaining the domain name, I endeavored to fill my website with delights galore as I myself had enjoyed living in the beautiful and delightful Malaysian state.

And I hope you too have enjoyed surfing this website.


Again, thank you all, dear surfers, for surfing this Web site.

And my special thanks (will always be) also to Dr. Ken Evoy and the Sitesell staff (although I have never met them) for giving me tremendous joy in writing these stories about Pahang.

Perhaps for the record, I must declare that the Site Build It! (SBI!) package is terrific stuff.

It makes me, a novice layman without technical web building knowledge, look like an established webmaster. The SBI! Action Guides clearly show me step by simple steps how to go about building a successful website, and they’re so easy to follow.

I only write the web content. That’s all. Then SBI! does the rest – publishing, search engine submissions, traffic tracking, analyses, etc.

With SBI! I succeeded in my goal of not just about having a website, but most importantly, having a website with decent traffic. 

And perhaps I can tell you that this product is really great for anyone who wants to have a successful website, including stay-at–home Moms... yes, Moms!

Well, if you are a Mom this is for you

Well, actually ANYONE with passion for anything at all can be a success with SBI. Just pick your own special and unique passion and knowledge or experience, and then follow SBI's Action Guides.

And if you're wondering what's the best topic for you to do, SBI provides you with an invaluable brainstorming tool. It will help you decide on the best niche based on the internet search demands and your own special interest and passion.

Look at to see the range and variety of niches and topics that other successful SBI owners have chosen.

Dr. Ken Evoy says something to the effect that to build a successful website, you must be passionate about the subject. I believe him.

PASSION and SBI -- you know... they are the (no) secrets of Pahang-Delights success.

Oh, oh. "Time’s out", my dear wife says.

And so, my dear readers and surfers, I hope I have done right and you’ve found whatever you wanted to know when you came to

Before leaving this page, my grateful thanks again to all of you, and do enjoy yourselves when in Pahang.

Do remember these famous words: -

"He travels furthest who knows not whither he is going." -- Cromwell

With the grace of God, I hope to grow this site with plenty of pages on adventures and pleasures in Pahang.

And if my memory allows, I shall keep telling you the fascinating stories I have known, the experiences I went through, and the secrets I have kept, from the travels in my delightful "kampung", that is Pahang, Malaysia.

And remember these words from me:-

"I may not know whither I’m going, but I will bring them (whatever) back for you to enjoy."

Warmest regards.


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