Traditional Malay Wedding Videos

groom feeding the bride
makan beradab - meal after bersanding ceremony
bride feeding the groom

Well, here are some short traditional Malay wedding videos of my nephew and his bride, showing the akad nikah and Bersanding ceremonies.  

If you have read through the web-page on the   traditional Malay wedding ceremony in Pahang, you now know that after the akad nikah ceremony, the Bersanding ceremony will follow suit.

(The short video on the akad nikah event can be viewed on this webpage).

As you also probably remember, the Bersanding ceremony is the "sitting in state" of the wedded couple on the pelamin (dais) and is the highlight of a Malay traditional wedding. 


Watch the first of the traditional Malay wedding videos, where you can see that the kompang group, comprising of school-children, leads the procession of the groom and bride to the pelamin for the bersanding ceremony, at the bride’s home.

wedded couple bersanding on the pelamin

Here the pelamin is located where visitors and friends can observe the joyful bersanding event from outside the gates.

And do watch a slight "glitch" when the groom momentarily sat on the left when he should be sitting on the right of the bride!

Obviously both the groom and bride must be tired after the anxious akad nikah ceremony previously, coupled with the heat of the afternoon sun, but as "raja sehari" (king and queen for the day), the small glitch is definitely forgiven!

P.S. -- Click the play button for the video to buffer and load, and do wait a few minutes before pressing the play button again.

guests selecting dishes for their meal buffet style
silat gayung fatani performance for the wedded couple
bride and groom watching silat performances


And below are two short videos during the Bersanding ceremony. Just listen to the songs sung by the kompang group comprising of young students. Their pitchings may be out, and they may be shouting, but the joys and thrills of the occasion cannot be doubted!

The first song is "Gendang Dipalu" ("Drums are being struck"), signifying the striking of drums to connote the coming together of two souls in a delightful wedding. (Watch the bride in this video, as the small boy must have said something funny to her!)

The second song is "Bunga Rampai" or "potpourri flowers", also a traditionally popular Malay wedding song, and surely a must-have song for Malay weddings. Fragrant and scented bunga rampai are normally scattered on the wedded couple during the "merenjis" ceremony.

Besides watching the wedded couple, observe also in the videos, the beautifully designed pelamin and the arrangements of the bunga telor (egg flowers) and the  junjung sireh on the lower steps of the dais.

Observe too in both videos that all the time, cameras and video-cams record the joyous proceedings, while friends, visitors and well-wishers (unfortunately they are not seen in the video) come and sit under the tents and have their lunch of traditional Malay foods.

Well then, watch and enjoy both these traditional Malay wedding videos of the lovely couple.

And we wish them (in Malay) "Semoga hidup bahagia sehingga ke anak cucu" or "May they live happily together until their children and grand-children (meaning forever)".

Sweet Sounds Of Joy And Merriment

I hope you’ve seen and heard the sounds of merriment and joy in the above traditional Malay wedding videos.

So whenever you’re in Pahang, take the opportunity, and don't ever miss any invitation, to attend a traditional Malay wedding. And enjoy.

As always, from me ...


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